Dynasty Warriors Weapons Get Even Weirder In Next Game

Tecmo KOEI’s popular Warriors franchise has often adopted the phrase “one versus one thousand” to describe its trademark style of gameplay. Another symbolic trait of the action series is its arsenal of over-the-top weaponry with some really wacky stand-outs over the past several years.

Next year’s Dynasty Warriors 8 Empire is looking to set the bar even higher. Today, Tecmo KOEI announced that several characters will be swapping their existing weapons in the upcoming instalment. From series mainstays such as Sun Quan and Xiaoqiao down to newcomers Wang Yi and Guan Suo, these latest revisions make for an entertaining read.


Though it’s sad to see some of the more original weapons being cycled out (Deng Ai’s lance, for instance) we’d be lying if we said a pair of sabatons, a revolving crossbow, or duck hooks were any enticing. Even Liu Shan is going a bit more exotic this time around.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will launch on January 31st for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A downloadable version will also be available on Steam, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: TK Official Facebook