KOEI List New Features For Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Vita

If you haven’t heard already, Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will be launching on PlayStation Vita next month – November 25th to be precise. This latest game in the franchise follows a collection of strategic spin-offs, allowing players to to build and expand their own kingdom.

For several years it has provided a fun twist on the hack n’ slash formula, sprinkling in the occasional game mechanic here and there to give it a more tactical feel. The fact that players are free to recruit and appoint their favourite generals has always been another popular feature.


Today Koei has announced that anyone who purchases the game within a month of release will be entitled to some extra in-game content. Of course, it’s all purely cosmetic yet fans are sure to enjoy the bonus costumes.

The publisher also announced a few revisions to the Vita port. Features including “Rage” mode, the use of Stratagems, and calling for a horse have now been mapped to the touchscreen. Apart from cross-play and cross-save functionality (no cross-buy unfortunately), Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will also be compatible with PlayStation TV.

When originally released earlier this year, the game did little to wow us. Although another solid addition to the series, it was all a bit too same-y, failing to feel like a truly tactical experience despite floating some new ideas. You can check out our PlayStation 4 review of the game here.