Out This Week: Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Resi Revelations 2 & Homeworld

March is just around the corner and with it comes a change of seasons and (hopefully) better weather for those of us shivering away on the British Isles. Still, perhaps another three months or sustained freezing cold temperatures and heavy rain may not be such a bad thing, especially when you consider the number of games waiting in the pipeline.

Wednesday 25th

  • Homeworld Remastered Collection [PC]
  • Desert Ashes [PSV]
  • htoL#NiQ -The Firefly Diary [PSV]
  • Limbo [PS4]
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Ep.1 [PS4 | PS3 | XB1 | 360 | PC]

Thursday 26th

  • Titan Attacks! [Wii U]

Friday 27th

  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse [PS4 | PS3 | XB1 | 360]
  • Dying Light [PS4 | XB1 | PC]
  • Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart [PSV]
  • Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late [PS3]
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires [XB1 | PS4 | PS3]


First out of the blocks we have Homeworld Remastered from the lovely folks over at Gearbox Software. Originally developed by Company of Heroes studio, Relic Entertainment, the rights to the Homeworld license went up for grabs during THQ’s demise a few years ago. Clearly passionate about the IP, Borderlands creators Gearbox purchased the license with its winning bid of $1.35m. Homeworld Remastered Collection will include updated versions of both Homeworld 1 and 2 as well the original classics.


Later on in the week we have the return of Resident Evil: Revelations – at least in part. Capcom decided to steer the franchise in a new direction with its latest instalment, opting for the episodic approach. This first chapter of four will see players adopt the role of Claire Redfield as she and Moira Burton (yes, Barry’s daughter) fight their way off a zombie-infested island. Compared to older entries in the series, expect more fluid gameplay and a bigger focus on partner play.


Swapping zombies for Zhao Yun, this week also brings us another game in the Dynasty Warriors franchise. DW8 Empires is more of a spin-off as opposed to an update or re-release, giving players freedom to build and expand their very own kingdom. Although it uses the exact same combat mechanics, Empires brings a strategic metagame to the table as well as dozens of customisation options. Expect our review later this week.

Another notable release in this week’s line-up is Dragon Ball XenoVerse. Fresh out of Japanese studio, Dimps, it is yet another Dragon Ball Z adaptation from the developer, known for its work on the Budokai trilogy. In XenoVerse, players create their very own fighter selecting from a number of different races. Alongside protagonist, Trunks, you will embark upon a time-travelling romp through the ages, correcting any anomalies you find along the way.


  1. Good article, two points though- i dont think revelations 2 has online co op and pretty sure homeworld remake is not on ps4 and is pc only. Could be wrong though

  2. Dying Light and Limbo for me. I think the latter may still be cross-buy too so I won’t have to pay, but could be wrong.

    • I want Dying Light too, but I think its gonna be pricey – Even though it shouldn’t be, as its technically been out for the best part of a month already!

      Still, I have game vouchers left over from crimbo, so its not like I am actually going to be paying for it.

      • Think mine is £39.77 from ShopTo with the soundtrack and some mini-guide. I don’t think it’s bad value as we basically get the season pass content for free now (if you preorder)! :)

      • Bah, i have Game vouchers. Think they are selling it for £55! :(

      • Sod the Game vouchers – Not getting ripped off £15 just for the sake that I have vouchers. Went with Shopto instead. Mine was a little more expensive than yours, but that’s likely due to my spending with them trailing off quite a bit over the past few months (thank you Destiny!), so my applied discounts are likely less than yours.

        Or you got in at the right time when it was a little cheaper perhaps?

        Either way, it’s done – Will likely spend my Game vouchers on a couple of preowned games & may even splash out on a new headset for the sake of it too. They have a decent looking set of turtle beach jobbies in there at the moment at an acceptable price. Not good, but acceptable.

      • Yeah, think I get the best discount (Gold membership) as I got my PS4 from them! :)

        £55 is bloody expensive, and the GAME “Exclusive” DLC is part of the season pass if you check (so they obviously just had a timed exclusive as has happened before, but are still claiming it as their exclusive).

        I had an unexpected result with GAME with my pre-order for The Order 1886 though, got 1,000 points (£2.50) worth of points!

      • I don’t think that you get the outfits or the weapons from Shopto that Game are offering on their website, but I would have been getting it from my local store anyway, so I think that would be vanilla game only for £55 (although I could be wrong).

        Either way, what’s on offer wouldn’t be worth £15. I think I’m happy with my decision. :)

      • That’s what I’m saying, you should still get access to the GAME DLC if you pre-order, as pre-orders all come with (or when released) the Season Pass content, which includes those outfits & weapons! :)

      • Ah, I see – Did not know that.

        Didn’t give any mention to that on Shopto (as far as I could see anyway), but we’ll wait & see what comes when it arrives.

        Nice bonus if included, no skin off my nose if not! ;)

  3. Limbo, if it’s free. On holiday later this week, so not gonna be playing anything for best part of a fortnight.

  4. I recommend dying light highly, brilliant game. Waiting on Jones tell me when we can do the whole campaign from start to end.

    Is homeworkd coming to xbone? I tend to use that platform to test drive games

    • Soz mate kinda forgot, im about 70% through the campaign. Got a few other nates buying it this week so gotta make more effort to so some co op, i might be on it 2mora/thursday evening if you’re around but more likely thursday, other than that will be wknd. Just send me a message if you’re playing it and i’ll come on

      Whats your psn id again?, u know you’re on my friends list but forgot your username

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