Tomb Raider Getting The Mini Series Treatment

Actor & Director Stephen Lunsford has announced that there will be a Tomb Raider mini series, and it will be a prequel to Rise Of The Tomb Raider, both the game and apparently a movie too. I guess it will bridge the gap between the ending of the 2013 Tomb Raider and the journey that leads to the start of the events of Rise, though we don’t know what that will entail.

“I’m happy to announce that I will be creating a #TombRaider mini-series to be released with Rise of The Tomb Raider. This will act as a prequel to the game and eventual movie. We are currently in pre-production and working hard to make sure this becomes the best live-action iteration of Lara Croft yet. Thank you to Crystal Dynamics for all of your support and I can’t wait to make this a reality. I will have updates as the project progresses.”

Since this is in pre-production now cast has yet been confirmed, nor how many episodes this series will span. Which actress do you reckon will be a good fit for the role of Lara?

Source: Instagram



  1. Doesn’t really matter to me. You’ll probably not be allowed to watch it unless you own an Xbox!

  2. I wish they had made a third movie with Angelina Jolie. She WAS Lara Croft.

    For the new movie, I just hope they cast someone interesting and not some generic bimbo with big boobs and the screen presence of a dead fish. You need a strong female character like Ellen Ripley. Someone who isn’t an obvious/plastic beauty but someone who has a natural beauty about them. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence, I don’t know?

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