Sony Announces That The PS4 & Vita Will Release In China January 11th 2015

China is a market that many companies want to crack. After all it is the most populous nation on the planet, and also the world’s second biggest economy. Sony has decided to start its attempt by officially launching both the PS4 and Vita on January 11th 2015. Price wise those in the Chinese market will pay 2,899 RMB for the PS4, while the Vita will be 1,299 RMB. Sony has already established partnerships with various studios in China.

Andrew House said of the move:


“We are delighted that we are able to fully launch our business in China, which is a market with great potential. We look forward to delivering exciting software, convenient services and entertainment experiences only possible on PlayStation to the many gamers in China.”

Some exclusives made by Chinese developers have already been announced and these are King of Wushu, Mr Pumpkin’s Adventure and One Tap Hero. No idea on what kind of games those will be and if we’ll see them launch worldwide. As the Chinese market opens up we’ll hopefully see a raft of new franchises come out from the country but new developers.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see whether the massive population buy any games. Since the sale of consoles has been illegal, until I think early this year, the potential games consumers must’ve been busy doing other stuff with their time, will they even be interested in buying a console?
    I don’t think its safe to assume that the Chinese will suddenly leap on console gaming and become a massive market, culturally it might not take off at all and also may face heavy sensoring, ala Daily Mail GTA hatred but state lead. Then again, a huge uptake might happen and suddenly blow up into colossal sales of certain genres of game. But also, low average wages and badly pitched prices might mean plenty of desire but limited sales.
    I think this is fascinating, definitely worth reporting on!

    • I imagine there will be some games that surprisingly blows up, games that nobody in the West gave any attention. Yep, it can be as you said a total miss (like Xbox in Japan) or it can be a gold mine for Sony.

    • There is a long established grey market for games consoles in China but I’m not sure if they pay for their games or not.

      • Some do some don’t. Once a console was hacked then obviously thia became the go to for many people. It was incredibly difficult to find an unhacked 360 for example. It will be interesting to see the appetite for genuine products. These have been always available even when illegal but they are definitely in the minority.

  2. That’s around £300 for the PS4, there’s a lot of peeps in Hong Kong that have disposable income but people out in the sticks are often really skint. Plus the Chinese generally don’t have much love for the Japanese or their products. It’ll be really interesting to see how this does, hopefully it’ll be a massive new market and eventually we’ll start seeing new developers with weird (to westeners) stories and idiocracies.

    • Whilst the chinese generally have no love the Japanese they certainly don’t vote with their wallet. Cars being a point in question with Toyoto Camry being one of the most popular middle class cars going.

  3. One Tap Hero is a mobile game, so guessing that is coming to the Vita.

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