A Guide To The Dark Below’s Urn Of Sacrifice Quest

Xûr has appeared the Tower as usual today and with him he brings your first chance to purchase Urn of Sacrifice, one of the bounties from The Dark Below expansion. As I happen to have a day off, I have run through the stages of the quest and compiled this handy guide of tips and tricks on how to complete it quickly and easily.

You will need to have a fusion rifle with Solar damage and another weapon with Void damage, for the Solar damage, I used Murmur, a weapon you should have obtained from previous Dark Below quests, but those lucky enough to have the Vex Mythoclasts will be sitting pretty. Atheon’s Epilogue – from the Vault of Glass Raid – was my choice for Void damage, although there are plenty of others to choose from.

Your first task is to get the urn from Xûr, who is hiding down with the Crucible vendors this weekend and you will need to cross his palm with a single strange coin to get the pottery.


From then on, the first few stages of the bounty can be completed by running through The Wakening story mission on the home of wizards, the Moon. Step one requires you to kill Thrall with Solar Damage from a fusion rifle and collect the Embers they drop. You may recall that mission has a section about half way through when hundreds of the blighters run at you, so plough you way through the first couple of sections, find a nice place to camp and pick off the Thrall as they walk into the path of Murmur. Be careful as death will reset you progress so it’s a good idea to find a doorway you can fall back to in case things get a little too heated.

If you have been careful with your targets then stage 2 of the quest – kill Cursed Thralls using a melee Attack to collect Seething Bile – can be completed without restarting the story as the there is circular chamber (see picture below) just past the normal thralls in which waves of cursed Thralls scamper towards you. The problem is that they come in huge groups and even the toughest armour will not withstand ten of them blowing up in your face and you will die and the quest will reset. This is very, very annoying, but I have found a way to get round the problem.


Wait until a group of Thralls appear and soften up the lead enemy with a few burst from your rifle, they are of a high level so a single punch by itself will not kill them. Once they have taken a few hits, go in with the punch and – boom – you’re dead. However, the Thrall will have dropped some Seething Bile (nice), but do not pick it up. Move as far away from the Seething Bile as you can and wait for more Cursed Thrall to arrive, soften them up, punch and die again. You will now have two Seething Bile pick ups on the floor. Repeat three more times, carefully choosing different areas so you don’t collect any of the bile and after the fifth death you can grab all the Bile in one go, completing the task.

You can then continue a little further to help complete the last part of the task which is to defeat Hive Acolytes and Wizards with Void damage and collect their Sullen Hearts. When you get to the final battle area, go back in to orbit and restart the story mission as there are loads of Acolytes at the start which you can kill. You can also run and jump your way through the section which contains the Thrall; as soon as you reach the dark tunnel they will turn back.

It took me three runs through the Wakening story mission to get all the kills, but I did die twice (which resets some of the counter) as I was writing this guide, it should take you two at most. Complete the kills and head back to the Tower to collect your prize which is – sigh – yet another mission. This time, you have to head to Skywatch on Earth and wait for Urzok the Hated to appear in a public event.


Now you might think this will be easy, it’s a public event after all, but it’s not, it’s chaos. The Hive arrive en masse but the era is also teaming with Fallen. Enemies flood out from caves, drop ships and tunnels and there are loads of Captains, Servitors and Thrall and just finding Urzok amidst the carnage is a task in itself. Annoyingly there seems to be a time limit on the event as I had got Urzok down to about a quarter health when he simply vanished, so you might want to do this in a fireteam of three, but on the plus side there seems to be a high rate of Engram drops so you might pick yourself up some goodies.

After hanging around for twenty minutes a second event started, to defend a Warsat, and Urzok arrived on cue and was beaten easily – phew! The final  part of the task is to return to the Tower once more and speak to Eris, who tells you to return to the Moon where you will find a level 26 quest called Ritual Sacrifice.

Once again, it is time to return to the Temple of Crota and head in to the depths. You’ve probably played this section so many times you may want to keep on your sparrow and zoom past all the enemies down past The World’s Grave until you reach a chamber with a large version of the Urn. Now the fun starts as when you stand on the Urn you get not one, but three Blades of Crota,


Wave one of the enemies consists of Thrall but includes Cursed Thrall who will kill you if you hit them with the blade. Wave two consists of Acolytes, Knights and Wizards and  you will have to be very careful as almost all the floor is covered with those damned green circles that can take big chunks out of your health, while the third wave has a couple Ogres.

It’s actually extremely hard to complete this section on your own using the swords but there is an easy method – don’t use them. Activate the Urn then fall back to the entrance passage and wipe out the Thrall. When the Acolytes spawn in, two will appear from the door behind you so be ready, and when the Knights and Wizards appear the same will happen so have your Super on standby. The Ogres are a bit of a challenge as there is little cover in the passage but you should be able to take them out with a number of head shots.

Task completed, it’s back to the tower to see Xûr to exchange the Urn for an Eye of something or other (who cares what it’s called, since you keep it for about twenty seconds) which then must be given to Eris for your final reward which in my case was… some Gauntlets that are slightly worse than the ones I had bought earlier from Eris.


Overall the entire sequence took me about four hours, although I was stopping to write this up, so you can probable do it in less than three. Good luck!

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