PSN’s 12 Deals Of Christmas Day Seven Features Assassin’s Creed

We’re a bit late with this one, but thankfully days in Sony’s world seem to last for 48 hours so this particular deal will still be live until tomorrow, when the eighth deal comes in.

It’s Assassin’s Creed for this particular deal, with both the current generation Unity and last gen Rogue on sale. At £39.99, Unity isn’t much of a deal, but Rogue at £24.99 might pique some interest. There’s also Sword Art Online for PS Vita.



Assassin’s Creed Unity
Was €69.99/£54.99/AU$99.95, now €44.99/£39.99/AU$62.95


Assassin’s Creed Rogue
Was €59.99/£49.99/AU$89.95, now €34.99/£24.99/AU$44.95

PS Vita:

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Was €39.99/£32.99/AU$59.95, now €24.99/£19.99/AU$37.95

Source: PS Blog



  1. Literally been nothing I want so far :(

  2. I nearly bought Rogue impulsively but then I checked Amazon and the disc version is £25 on there too.
    Depends if you like have disc or download version

  3. I’ve still got my Driveclub refund sat in my wallet but so far none of these Christmas deals have tempted me to give it back to Sony.

  4. Kind of off topic but where the hell is Journey? Always felt like a Christmassy game for me, wouldn’t be the same playing it again in Spring.

    • That’s interesting you say a chrismassy game. I think it actually came out in spring/summer. If it was set all in the snow id expect it to be in sale.

      Now mafia 2 I remember playing near Xmas coz it was snowy in the game too!

  5. Considering £49.99 is the price I thought Assassin’s Creed Unity should have launched at, especially with at how abysmally received it’s been. This isn’t much of a sale, in my humble opinion.

  6. Sword art online has never been on offer since it was released here. The show is excellent and this is just like it. All the dlc is free for this too, bargain for £19.99

    • Just a pity that the multiplayer is adhoc only (though you can do it alone for trophies needed). At least the sequel (sword art online: lost song) will have true multiplayer, though no idea if that will come to the west yet.

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