What We Played #245: The Division, Pokkén Tournament & UFC 2

Sometimes it seems like days and weeks blur into one another. This week seems much like the last week, though I am a higher level in The Division now – which is nice – and I’ve also collected more Pokémon in Pokémon Omega Ruby. My main focus has been Pokkén Tournament which surprised me by turning out to be a fun, accessible fighter that offers a real challenge when playing against other people. In fact, the next Tekken game has a lot to live up to now, especially as it is unlikely to feature Pikachu.

Aran has also been playing The Division, hitting the midway point of level 16, and has been taking on a sniping support role in whatever team he’s landed with, covering those that advance or running in to revive them. Luckily everyone seems to be playing the game properly and really functioning as a team which definitely adds to the experience. Besides that, it’s been the hard-hitting UFC 2 that’s taken his time, as he  worked away on his review.


While making smutty jokes about slipping Assassin’s Creed Unity into his drive, Tuffcub also finished Heavy Rain again on PS4, which really speaks to its quality, and has embraced the joy of Rocket League – as everybody should!

Tef popped in with yet another extended bout of The Division;

I’ve dropped a ludicrous 50 hours into The Division since launch, with the vast majority of that having come over the weekend. I kind of felt at a loss with what to do after finishing our review, but I’ve twigged what the end game is about now, so I’m trying to hop on each day and do the daily missions where I can.

That can be quite a time sink, but you’ve got to get those Phoenix Credits – or Dragon Points as I sometimes call them – somehow!


Slightly late to the party, Dave achieved a gaming milestone by completing Super Mario World, before also beginning on Earthbound for a further taste of retro delight. He’s also played Day Of The Tentacle Remastered for review – more on that next week – and having a good memory of it, saw him despatch it in one sitting. There will likely be a disclaimer somewhere that it’s a little harder than that the first time through. Beyond that it’s been more Far Cry Primal, and some Twilight Princess HD, though the latter will likely have to go one the back burner until the summer – which at least means he has something amazing to play during the likely gaming drought.

Now, why don’t you tell us what you’ve played?




  1. Lots of The Last of Us (Grounded Mode+). I’m probably 75% the way through, closing in on my 100th platinum.

    Also started and played through the first few days of Firewatch. Cracking game, really enjoying it.

    Some The Division – started to play a bit of the Dark Zone and found it utterly crap (although I know it can be good). I was playing with my brother and it was impossible to extract anything – we’d always be up against 8-12 enemy AI who were all 2 levels above me, and 5-6 levels above my brother. Sometimes I would be killed by a single enemy with a pistol (and I’m not shit btw). For an hour and a half no other human players joined so there was never anyone else to assist us. It was a totally awful experience and needs balancing. If the intension is for you not to enter the Dark Zone until you’ve completed the game and can dish out DPS of 30,000 (instead of 3,000), then why give access so early in the game; or have a separate Dark Zone ranking system?! There were never that many AI enemies on the occasions when I’ve found other human players in the Dark Zone.

    • I had a similar thing happen with the beta. Ironically getting killed by AI instead of humans was infuriating. It seemed like the DZ was pretty harsh with normal gear and took some hours of looting and buying DZ weapons/gear to survive.

      I’m guessing it’s even more difficult with people of different levels, especially if the AI is always 2 levels ahead. If that’s the case it seems like it’s aimed for groups instead of solo/co-op which isn’t great, at least until you reach level 30 and cap out.

      • I agree mate, it was infuriating being killed by AI! I had about 4 piles of stuff and couldn’t extract any of it! I rarely give up but it was actually impossible. You’d be killed by the first enemy, let alone the remaining 10! Occasionally there would be no one at the extraction point – fire the flare off – then half of China shows up! It was a horrible and frustrating experience – and as mentioned above it shouldn’t happen for an area that is accessible from pretty much the start.

        I now have no intention of wasting my time in the Dark Zone until I have reached level 30 and have at least 2 other players with me. By contrast, I will presumably (at level 30) find the Dark Zone easy, if the enemies are still 2 levels above my Dark Zone rank, but my equipment is giving 10-times the damage it is now?!

    • You’re put into a Dark Zone bracket when you enter, which is determined by the level that you have outside in the PvE game. That’s done so that you won’t bump into level 30 people until you’re that level, but the bracket also acts as a kind of dumb difficulty scaling.

      In other words, if you want to go into the Dark Zone, you and your brother should hit the same level at the top end of a bracket and then head in to play. You’ll then be on a good level to fight against the AI in there, and you’ll be able to explore and see how the game handles AI respawns, where they spawn, and get a few good extractions. You earn little to no PvE experience in there, as well, so you can farm the lower levelled Dark Zone for a while before then deciding to carry on with the story.

  2. Played a bit of Flame Over. Is it me or is that game really difficult? Quite good fun though – even my 2 year old likes it.

    Other than that, I dusted off my 360 and played some Gears of War. Still great fun online.

  3. Bit of Borderlands collection, bit of GTA trilogy and just downloading Trackmania demo now.

  4. The usual Borderlands co-op with Forrest and Pixel, although that will be coming to an end soon as I have 100%ed both games and the others aren’t that far off.
    Managed to complete the Insane levels in Action Henk but the 90’s Henk challenge is ridiculously difiicult and although I’ve finished the bonus level I still need to shave about 4 minutes off my time to actually get the related trophy.
    Lots more Diablo.
    A few rounds of PGA and a few runs through Binding of Isaac.
    Some more EDF 4.1.
    And finally, after 3 and a half months of daily/weekly challenges, I have achieved the platinum for Rayman Legends … which also happens to be my 150th platinum.

  5. Just Uncharted collection, currently polishing up the time trial chapter 5 modern warfare, probably the most anything about chasing the platinum cause even when you can’t physically cut off certain uncontrollable moments, the clock still carries on ticking

  6. Finally got round to playing Star Wars Battlefront, and was quite disappointed, but that was mostly due to bad matchmaking. Will play that some more before my copy of The Division arrives, as I decided to hop on as well.
    Played some more Driveclub, which is quite surprising, as I’m still not fed up with it.

  7. Eventually managed to get into The Division after their alleged “power issues” took the servers I was trying to connect to offline – not buying that for a nanosecond though, if even remotely true then they’ve got the worst infrastructure (and team managing it) which doesn’t fill me with confidence for an always online title.

    But otherwise haven’t gotten any further than I did in the betas really.

  8. I’ve been playing a lot of Picross on 3DS, as well as Stella Glow. Both warmly recommended. Stella Glow is a visual novel / strategy RPG for 3DS, and a gem of a third-party title on the system.

    I’ve also gotten to spend some time with Forza 6 and the Porsche expansion as well as the last two car packs. The new track Virginia Raceway is a really great addition.

  9. Well it’s been another week of going through my back log – I’d already bought Flame Over on Vita so revisited that and finally got the hang of it, very difficult until you get some power ups. The PS4 version is easier and you get a separate trophy list. A bit of Draw Slasher on the commute.

    Last night got hooked into the Trackmania Beta – def one of those just one more go games til 2am! Also played a bit more or Walking Dead season 2 on PS4 – shame I couldn’t transfer my season 1 Vita save.

  10. Started the week off playing Sniper Elite 3. It’s a little slow paced but OK.
    Then I discovered (albeit quite late to the party) Hearthstone and I’ve become rather addicted to it so nothing else has had a look for in.

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