Come Together And Fight As Total War: Arena Closed Alpha Sign-Ups Open

The Total War series has been around for what feels like forever, but Creative Assembly and Sega still have ambitious plans for it and are opening up a major new front with Total War: Arena. Rather than handing you the keys to an empire and setting you and your war machine loose in the historical world, Arena is a free-to-play team-based stratey game.

Two teams of ten players take control of just a trio of units and a historical generals from the classical era who lend them abilities in battle, and pits the two sides against each other. It’s the battles of Total War, but with command spread across multiple minds and pushing you to work together as a team, and it’s also a lot of fun. Naturally, the more you play, the more experience you earn and more powerful units you can buy, giving you more potential strategies than rushing into the middle of the field and butting heads with your foes, and being a free to play title, there will be microtransactions involved.


The main announcement today is that Arena is entering into a closed alpha phase, but that sign-ups for this are opening up today, allowing you to dive in and get a sneak peak at the game and potentially shape its final form as it heads towards the beta stages, release and beyond. Head to to find out more.

We’ve been hands on with the game at an event last week, and will have our preview going up some time tomorrow.