Two New Elements Coming To Skylanders This Christmas

The Skylanders series is no stranger when it comes to locking swathes of content behind physical paywalls. Since Activision’s cash cow first launched in 2011, fans have been forced to go out and buy additional figures and add-ons in order to gain access to exclusive areas.

These areas often harbour mini-games and puzzles as well as collectibles and other useful bits of content. The crux here is that you need a Skylander of the correct element in order to unlock the gates barring these sections of the game.

In the series’ latest instalment, Skylanders: Trap Team, Activision has taken this divisive feature one step further. Aside from the primary eight elements including Air, Fire, Water, Magic, Tech, Earth, Undead, and Life, the game also includes two new ones which have, up until now, remained a mystery.


Launching later this month, a new range of Light and Dark element figures will be available through all major retailers, Activision has confirmed. Aside from two basic-level figures (one for each new element) the publisher is also releasing two “Quest Packs” which will go on sale for around £25. These packs include an all-new Trap Master figure as well as a Light/Dark Trap key and an item which unlocks a bonus playable stage.

Aside from offering new content, players will finally be able to go back and explore areas previously cordoned off before the arrival of Light and Dark Skylanders. Regardless of your view on post-launch DLC, even in its most egregious form, these new packs will surely make for some last-minute Christmas list adjustments.

Source: Press Release


  1. In the last couple of weeks I’ve bought my son the Trap Team Starter Kit along with a couple of extra figures/keys, all in time for Christmas. I’ve read through the reviews of this game and I’m really worried about the amount of content walled off from the player unless they (or the parents) buy the extra figures.
    Can anyone tell me just how much of the game appears to be walled off please, and what your thoughts are on this practice?

    • For me, as a die-hard completionist, the elemental gates have always irked me.

      Although they don’t close off major, story-related content, missing out on the collectibles, gold, and other bonuses due to not having certain figures is quite annoying.

      For younger gamers, these gates are essentially adverts embedded into the game, coaxing kids into buying more figures and expand their collections.

      You’re still going to get plenty of mileage out of Trap Team but don’t be surprised if you end up buying one or two figures down the line to keep the young ‘uns happy.

      • Thank you for the notes, much appreciated. It sounds very much as I thought, a visibly walled off set of areas, just teasing my son in to asking “Dad…”.

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