Skylanders: Trap Team Announced, Coming This October

Activision has revealed the fourth instalment in its power-selling Skylanders series. Subtitled “Trap Team” the game is due to launch this October, bringing with it new mechanics and, of course, collectible figures.

The premise behind Trap Team is simple yet clever, Actvision and developers Beenox and Toys for Bob hoping it will add a fresh dynamic to the franchise.

Lead antagonist Kaos is up to no good once again, this time releasing a horde of Skylands’ most volatile criminals from Cloudcracker Prison.

Up until now, players have usually faced waves of grunts but in Trap Team they will go face to face with a number of villainous personas.

The twist here is that, by using new crystal-like objects, you and your team of Skylanders can capture the escaped convicts and use them as if they were part of your own collection.

Trap Team will bring 50 new playable Skylanders in tow with a starter pack set to launch on October 10th. Available on just about every platform, this will include a new power portal, the game, two traps, and two figures, one of which is a “Trap Master”.

Without seeing more gameplay it’s hard to determine whether Trap Team is a genuine innovation for the series as opposed to a fresh gimmick. Last year’s Swap Force, which included multi-part figures actually turned out to be better than expected following some much-needed gameplay changes.


  1. I hope that’s not a mandatory new portal… That will make it three new portals in 4 games.

    • Yes it is the old portals wont work with this game…

  2. This could be interesting. another new portal is a pain tho. This on does look better that the last two.

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