Three Videos Give More Of A Glimpse At The Tomorrow Children’s Gameplay

The Tomorrow Children has quite the strange premise with townspeople tasked with collecting human souls in a place called The Void, all to rescue them after the near extinction of the species. To do this you and other players will have to work together to create a town that can deal with the task, as well as fend off the monsters known as the Izverg. As a town citizen you can choose to take on a role, like a miner or engineer, and help in anyway possible. To give an idea of what you need to do Q-Games has released three videos focusing on gameplay.


Q Games also ran an alpha for The Tomorrow Children and released some facts about it, including the Engineer Commander being the most popular role, the pickaxe being the most popular tool, 36000 Izverg were killed and 28,000 citizens were slaughtered. 396,000 resources were also collected by Alpha players over the two week period.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. What a bizarre game, but one i’m very much looking forward to as well!

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