Podcast: The Year According to Blair

Today sees the fourth entry in our series of year ending podcasts, and this time I sat down to talk to Blair. Blair’s someone I’ve been trying to book as a guest for the podcast all year, so I’m very grateful to him for making the time to record this interview.

2014’s been a pretty big year for Blair personally. It was his first full year as Editor here at TSA, he graduated from university and, perhaps most importantly, he got a dog called Frodo. That last one might not seem all that important, but you’re forgetting just how brilliant dogs are.

It was also, of course, the year he went to Los Angeles for E3, a subject we spent a fair bit of time talking about. He highlighted how amazed he was by how closely Santa Monica beach matched its counterpart in GTA V, as well as his part in drinking a bar dry of tequila.

In terms of the games he picked out from 2014, it was rather Nintendo focussed. Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. both had a fair amount of attention lavished on them, although with Smash Bros. it was the Wii U version that’s earned a place in his heart, far surpassing the 3DS edition of the game.

We also had a lengthy chat about Amiibos and what Nintendo’s got right or wrong with their new figurines. The lack of an overall hub annoyed both of us, although it does sound like their use in Smash Bros. is well thought out.

Blair did, however, pick a game from another platform in the form of inFamous: Second Son. While part of the reason Second Son made the cut was its importance to the PS4, it’s clear from hearing Blair talk that another big part was just how cool the neon effects look. I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

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1 Comment

  1. I don’t know how did I miss this one earlier!? Seems like I’m lost in the non regular podcast schedule :(

    First of all: Blair, congrats on running TSA this well. I really enjoy visiting the site and reading news, articles etc. I think TSA really stands out, has it’s own unique feel around it.

    I said it already too many times that I’m really sad about the PS4 not having more fun games as Nintendo releases for WiiU, so I’m going to leave it at that.
    In terms of the E3 trip I’m really jealous of you guys. Would like to experience this for once in my life. Hopefully I will be able to make it Gamescom this year, as it’s quite closer to Poland.
    I haven’t played in:SS, but a lot of people saying good stuff about it, so I will pick it up eventually, but first of all I have to work on my gaming backlog.

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