Scrooged: Attackers Take PSN And Xbox Live Down Over Christmas

Since we were spending Christmas day with our loved ones, stuffing our faces with turkey and chocolate, and drinking until we fell asleep on the sofa in the evening, we’re a bit late with this news, but PSN and Xbox Live have been experiencing outages over Christmas, apparently due to “hacker” groups which we aren’t going to mention here.

Imagine spending Christmas day ruining it for many other people – we’ve seen reports of Disney Infinity and Skylanders not loading up due to needing a connection, day one patches not being able to be installed, and online multiplayer in games such as The Last of Us and Call of Duty not working.


Christmas is all about empathy, sharing, and a sense of community – something which these idiots have ruined for many. That’s if they have taken it down, and even if they have it’s a DDoS attack rather than a full-blown hack, so there’s no need to worry about your details.

For further updates, check the PSN status page – currently offline – and Xbox Live status page – currently limited in its services – as we’re going back to eating those turkey leftovers. We really hope you can get your gaming on soon.



  1. It’s been mainly working for me today. Been playing drive club with no problems

  2. I work hard all year. I have a limited time off to enjoy games anyway, as I’ve got loads of kids. You can imagine how I feel when I go to play my new games that I got and can’t.
    I would dearly love to meet these people.

  3. Allow me to correct the article heading..
    “Bunch of little shits take down PSN and Xbox Live over Christmas”

    Well done Little Shit Squad – you achieved nothing with your christmas shenanigans except to inconvenience those you claim to be protecting – thus losing any and all credibility. FAIL!

    • Incidently i’m just back from spending some quality time with my folks – in the sticks – so i wasn’t affected by the downtime. :)

    • It’s odd really to think that these hackers are intelligent enough to code massive disruption but don’t have any sense of outcome or foresight, especially as they are hurting the group that it’s all apparently mean’t to be in aid of.

      I think a Turkey must have escaped the coup :’o

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