January’s PS+ Games Announced, Includes Ducks And Duke

The European PlayStation Facebook page has posted details of January’s PS+ games, which is rather odd as the EU blog usually has the news but I guess they are off quaffing champers and mince pies. Let us assume this is correct and the Facebook page has not overdone the sherry and printed the details too early/wrong.

PlayStation 4 gamers will be getting inFAMOUS: First Light, which we knew about, and  indie puzzler The Swapper whilst those with a PS3 will be getting the rather excellent, if rather old, Prototype 2. Also in the mix is the fabulous (if rather short) Duck Tales (awoo-oo) Remastered and Whoa Dave on PS Vita.

The final game for your collection is Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition on PS Vita, which explains why the game was inexplicably delayed at the last moment.

Although getting on a bit, Prototype 2 is a fab game and scored 8/10 here at TSA, as did Duck Tales, The Swapper and inFAMOUS: First Light. The only unknown quantities are Whoa Dave and Duke Nukem, but overall it looks like a good, if slightly elderly, month.

Source: Facebook


  1. I’m looking forward to First Light and The Swapper, and although i was one of the lucky ones who managed to grab Duke Nukem before it was removed from the store (it’s a blast btw) , i’ll be equally happy to have it on the Vita. I’ll probably check out the other games too, good month.

  2. A good month for me, just not sure about Woah! Dave…

  3. well, First Light and Prototype 2 are good games, and i know that because i have them both on disc.

    i know Duke Nukem, played it years ago, it only remains to see how the Vita version plays, but those managed to get it before they pulled it said it was fine.

    i think some people might be a bit peeved they paid for DN3D when the game is going to be part of the Plus sub.

    i know next to nothing about Whoa Dave, other than the title. ^_^

    and i don’t think i ever played Duck Tales on NES.

    still, a decent month, if you don’t already have the two big titles. ^_^

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