PlayStation Now Subscription Launches With Over 100 PS3 Games In US Next Week

PlayStation Now’s pricing never was quite right, with you only being able to rent titles instead of having say, instant access to hundreds of PS3 games in a similar way to how streaming video has evolved. From January 13th, PlayStation Now will take its first steps towards becoming a subscription service.

This doesn’t bundle in with PlayStation Plus, but instead comes as another subscription at $19.99 per month, or $44.99 for three months which saves you about $15 over that period.

There will be over 100 PS3 games available to stream to your PS4 when it launches, and the service will grow to include many more titles. There will be a seven day free trial to the subscription program when it launches for everyone.

If you’re keen to find out what those games are, there isn’t a list just yet but the image below does highlight many of the titles. It’s a bit small though.

Source: PS Blog



  1. That seems a bit steep at the inevitable £150 a year.

  2. Considering that, as companies love to ignore differing values of money in different economies, this will inevitably end up being £20/€20 a month in the EU and probably for a service with less games as we always seem to get shafted in that way. It seems a very unreasonable price for what is a subscription service. Sony really need to consider their pricing as its one thing they always seem to get wrong. Especially as the likes of EA, admittedly for a lacklustre service, are charging £15 less for similar service.

  3. I think that is pretty good value especially if they keep adding to the service which they say they are. Plus they are looking to add PS1, PS2 and I believe some PS4 games. Its not comparable to EA Access as that is not offering anything like this.

  4. My Virgin internet is ready for this, come on Sony

  5. PS+ prices in the UK don’t seem too unreasonable compared to the US prices.

    3 months is £12 or $18. And currently £1 is $1.52. So the US saves $0.24 on a 3 month PS+ subscription. (And possibly PS+ in the UK has VAT added to the price?)

    A 12 month subscription at £40 should be about $61, and the US pays $50. Again, I’m not sure if VAT applies to PS+. I suspect it probably does. In which case the prices are exactly what they should be for 12 months (and less than they should be for 3 months).

    So by that logic, they should be charging £15.99 (or less) for 1 month of PS Now, and possibly £35.99 for 3 months.

    A subscription service isn’t really a surprise. The silly rental prices they were trying to charge before is more surprising. Sony have obviously been doing a lot of research into how much people would pay as well. Get yourself on one of those research panels and you hear about all these things and probably shouldn’t reveal the details to everyone ;) Let’s just say I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the prices end up cheaper here. Or they do an option which includes PS+ as well. Or start offering it with their phones and tablets.

  6. I can see at least 10 titles that will be unobtainable to Platinum due to servers being closed! Quite disappointed really as I expect to pay a service with a full version of the game! Not just offline. I can see myself nabbing Sly, Ratchet, GoW, Bond By Flame, Sonic, Walking Dead etc…. which is fantastic… well for me that is :)

    • Been umming and aahing, I’d give it a miss myself. I must admit it is a great deal.

  7. All the comments from Americans are really positive. They think the price is good. I think the price is a mega rip off. You could get unlimited rentals from Boomerang rentals for cheaper than the price Sony want, plus you can buy the games cheaper as alot of them are years old.

    I understand people will pay more to be able to play them through their PS4 due to not having a PS3, but surely it works out cheaper just to buy a PS3 and buy cheap games for it. If you could stream PS4 games then it would be a mega bargain!

    Has their been any more news about is coming over to the UK yet or are we still in the dark about it?

  8. At a glance some of those games are just stupid to put on the service (i.e. The Last of Us). Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just remaster the bloody lot of them, then they can go and boast about resolutions and all that crap.

    Also as a couple of comments mention above, it is a lot cheaper to just buy a PS3 and buy the games.

    The only advantage I see is being able to play some of those games on the Vita, but the price is way too much for that.

  9. Most of the 100 games on there are ones we got free on PS+ anyway…

  10. Can’t see this being very popular. If you sub to Ps plus you’ve probably already got a big backlog of games you’ll never have time to play. Could be good for someone just getting onto playstation though.

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