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To kick-off WeView in 2015 we will be the exploring the fate of Destiny. Despite releasing last September, Destiny still proves to be an extremely popular shooter, especially within the TSA community. Even after just a quick scroll through your Twitter feed you’ll no doubt notice a few TSA members looking for a raid partner almost every night.

Although it’s still a popular game, personally, I haven’t played Destiny for quite some time. The initial buzz of the game quickly faded away for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Destiny is a quality shooter. However, if you’re lacking a co-op partner to play with the game starts to feel a little lifeless and monotonous. With that being said I only scratched the surface of the game and I’ll eventually get round to diving deeper into Destiny.

Stefan reviewed Destiny, scoring it 7/10. It’s safe to say that Destiny’s story was quite poor, and this was partly due to the bland voice acting. “Peter Dinklage’s voice acting has had plenty of criticism” for his performance as Ghost, for example, but it was justified by “the delivery of his lines” for being “almost universally lacking” Tef explained. However, “there are plenty of other uninspiring and flat performances”. Overall, “a lack of clarity and understanding saps much of the sense of finality from the story’s climactic moments”.

It’s in Destiny’s online modes where you’ll get most from the game. Tef said “there’s a lot of fun to be had when playing in a fireteam of likeminded individuals, working together as a unit to take down the enemies”, later adding “this is especially true when it comes to some of the tougher battles when playing higher levelled Strike missions which will really put you to the test”. This is “something that really comes together in the Raid mode”. Here, “teamwork and communication are even more paramount as now you have puzzles to deal with and figure out, while also trying to stave off the waves of enemies and bosses”. Expect it to be “brutally difficult”.

Now it’s over to you. What did you think of Destiny? Are you still regular playing the game? Let us know in the comments below and give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening in time for the verdict article. We’ve also got the poll for next Tuesday’s game below



  1. It is a game I really want to like but I just cannot get on with.

    I love the graphics and the universe but it is just too repetitive for me. You get a mission, land in the same spot, travel to mission killing enemies, get to mission kill more enemies, enter area where respawning is limited, kill a few waves of enemies while a computer is hacked. Mission completed. Repeat again and again.

    I still have not got around to trading it in yet, but I simply cannot be bothered to play it. I tried a while back and was like “this is great why did I leave” 2 missions later I knew exactly why.

    Plus it (but if you have limited HDD space then avoid it).

  2. I reckon I could write a million words on destiny, but the point here is to keep it brief. It’s not without faults, in fact it has loads of faults, but I’m hooked and have been for months. I told myself I wasn’t going to play it any more, but now I’ve just bought the dlc, I couldn’t pull myself away. Definitely better with friends and it only really opens up after about 6 hours of play (once you reach level 20) but once you reach that point, there’s no going back. Buy it (and come join the active tsa destiny community online).

    • “Buy it (and come join the active tsa destiny community online)”

      PS4 only I take it?

      • I’m on ps4 yeah and there’s plenty of people from here on there too. I can’t comment on other platforms though as I only own a ps4.

  3. If you intend to play it mostly as a single player experience, avoid it. You might have some fun online, depending on what you want from your games, I recommend watching some videos before deciding. For me, it’s the most overrated and over hyped game of 2014.

  4. Convince a friend to get this game then play together, it’s a total blast & fun with a friend or friends, really enjoying it with a friend. Notice the key word to destiny is ‘friend’ you need a friend to enjoy this game with no friend it’s a total bore feast.

    I hated this game for a while due to the fact I was playing by myself but manage convince a friend to get it & now we making a second character & starting from scratch, it’s a fun game with a friend.

    Friend remember you need a friend, destiny fun with a friend.

  5. I had absolutely no interest in Destiny for a while, and even when a mate persuaded me to buy it I wasn’t that bothered. But soon after I started playing I really got the addiction that comes with MMOs. I play it pretty much every day now, though I’ve taken the odd week off here and there when it starts getting a bit too repetitive.

    It has to be said that there are issues with the game that need to be addressed, such as the lack of variety in bounty missions (the small daily side missions) and the poor implementation of the DLC.

    That said, the amount of enjoyment from setting out on mission after mission with a good mate in co-op is unmatched for me. I really am not a big fan of online play but Destiny changed that completely for me. I even enjoyed the competitive multiplayer which is something I don’t even touch.

    I’d have to say BUY IT.

  6. The best 7/10 game there is. I think the score was justified, some parts of Destiny are dull and annoying, especially when you have no chums to play with. However, six players doing the Vault of Glass for the first time, complete with tea breaks and everyone on headsets – you’d be very hard pushed to find a more enjoyable video game experience.

    Which is kinda cheeky, because it’s the company that makes the game fun, everyone having a laugh and messing about, pushing those who have left to make a cuppa off the edge of a cliff. It’s not the actually game that’s fun as such, it’s just a shared experience whilst you chat to friends.

    Having said that I usually rack up the max number of points each week in the PvP matches just because I’m half good at the game, a rarity for a shooter. In fact I haven’t played Killzone in months. Erp.

    • Pushing people off cliffs is one of my favourite pastimes.

      In Destiny, I should hasten to add.

  7. A hugely flawed experience that I sank over 150 hours into, I’m glad I’m out now but for a couple of months it was the only thing I played. Met loads of sound folks on there too.

  8. For me Destiny is a highly flawed diamond, marrying easily the best FPS mechanics and weapons in gaming history to a very shallow and repetitive story. But the real buzz of the game is the stories you write yourself, saving a mate from imminent death with a well timed super, or picking up all five of your buddies in a raid and hitting that next checkpoint after an hours frustration.

    The Raids strikes and community make it my favourite game and I can count on one hand the hours spent playing anything else since Destiny’s launch. Even with the limited content and repetition, I’ve had more than my money’s worth from both it and the DLC, so it’d be churlish of me to say anything other than “Buy it”.

    I’m on PS3 and on every night, so if you need a raid/nightfall partner etc by all means add me and if I’m not with the clan I’ll always happily lend a hand, but just add a little note to the request saying you’re off TSA so I can differentiate it from “tower spam”.


    Peace all.

    • Agreed. Destiny is flawed, but when the good bits turn up, they are utterly breath taking and will change the way you think about online co-op gaming. (JustTaylorNow was right about the friends thing)

      Word of warning. If you fireteam with Jiko, stand somewhere safe. You may fall to your doom even in the tower…But yes. If you’re on PS3 and need friends, just send me a request. PSN same as here.

      Buy it.

  9. Awesome. Didn’t like alpha until last day of play looked forward to beta and happy I purchased full game. I even bought another ps4 so my son can play. Looking forward to new expansions and rumoured comet pack. People say its repetitive I’m a long standing bf player and after I play the single player campaign there’s only the awesome mp to do however with destiny the campaign is mp and with updates can only get better. One thing to note is it’s very addictive and hard to put down so if you want a relationship without arguments stay away otherwise it’s a definite Buy from me.

    Have fun

    • I can agree with the “If you want a relationship” point. Too many arguments due to this game (or my ignorance of others while playing this game).
      Partner – Pause it a minute, … [cant hear this bit as all I can hear in my headphones is me being shot at] …
      Me – Give me 2 minutes
      20 minutes later, not realising how much time has passed
      Partner – Looks at me really angry
      Me – I cant just pause it, I would have been killed.
      Partner – So, its just a game.
      Me – But x would have reset/ my friends needed me to stay alive/ some other excuse

      I have lost count how many times I have had this conversation.

      I cant think of any game other than Destiny where I have spent so long on non competitive multiplayer and still felt like I want to do more. Buy it.

      • Yeah man, I feel like some shady little addict at times thanks to this game, I’ve even bought a tv for and shifted my ps3 to the spare room to try and mitigate the aggravation it’s causing my better half.

        It’s the damned dailies and the constant countdown to xur on the go, it’s like having a second bloody job at times!

  10. I’ve just turned up to the destiny party!picked it for £20.00 at cex.
    so far its OK i have just unlocked the multiplayer.
    djdustb nailed it though.it does get repetitive very quickly.
    i’m not into the whole xp level up thing so not really knowing what to do i’m getting slaughtered by the bigger beasties.
    bargain bin it!

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