Salt & Sanctuary’s Thirteen Minute Gameplay Footage Has A Hint Of Souls

A few months ago Ska Studio announced Salt & Sanctuary for the PS4 & Vita, a game inspired by the likes of From Software’s Soul titles as well as Castlevania titles. The above video shows thirteen minutes of gameplay and gives examples of how Salt & Sanctuary actually works, including the way death is treated. In this game salt is the currency with which to upgrade your character, and should you die you will lose it. However the gameplay is similar to Souls titles in that you can retrieve the salt, but the way it is done is slightly different.


If you die due to the environment, for example falling off a cliff, you have to return to that spot and kill a little creature to retrieve it. But if an enemy kills you then you have to fight that enemy to get the salt back. The only problem is that these enemies get the salt and become stronger, so a battle that may have been tough before will be harder. This will encourage players to try out new tactics like changing weapon types, or staying back instead of rushing forward into battle. Sanctuaries also get a bit more explanation with these locations offering respite from the monsters, and a place to gather things like more potions before venturing on.

Salt & Sanctuary does not yet have a release date.

Source: Youtube via Gematsu