The Last Of Us Sequel Is A “Big Assumption”, Naughty Dog “110%” Focused On Uncharted 4

The Last Of Us is an incredibly successful IP for Naughty Dog and Sony, so the idea of a new title in the series isn’t far fetched. In fact almost a year ago Naughty Dog were brainstorming some possible ideas for what could come next for The Last Of Us. Now Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann have spoken in a new interview with Game Informer, and in it have said that any possible new Last Of Us game is a “big if” with Naughty Dog heavily focused on Uncharted 4.

“We have brainstormed sequel ideas for The Last of Us, and we’ve brainstormed ideas for new games, but all of that is put on ice right now while we work on Uncharted 4.”

There was also talk of leaving The Last Of Us as a one off title, and moving on to other things instead, with the director’s stating that they get those feelings from fans because they have the same thoughts too. Neil Druckmann even said a sequel is a “big assumption.” His time will already be taken up by The Last Of Us movie for which Neil is penning the script, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds. What do you think though? Should The Last Of Us get a sequel or another story in the same universe, or should it be left as a one off?

Source: Game Informer via GameSpot



  1. I would absolutely love to see this stay as a stand-alone title.

    It was, for me, perfection.

    I don’t doubt that Naughty Dog could succeed in making an even better sequel but, as it stands, The Last Us was Joel and Ellies story. I think it should stay at that.

    • I think, what’s nice, is that if they did choose to do something within The Last of Us universe, that it would be very much a separate story that could lend a little fan service (if necessary) but stand on its own two legs. That means that it’s personal to the gamer and their own preference with The Last of Us (or a sequel) would hinge on the story and nothing else.

    • I find your comment hard to argue with, but at the same time, the thought of no more of TLOU saddens me.

      I would love them to re-visit the TLOU universe, but with another (brand new) characters’ story, happening at the same time (a bit like the film Crash). :)

      • Spot on Youles, they really should leave it at that but every fibre in my body wants to play a sequel. The conflicting emotions really show how great the game was that I am absolutely torn between needing a sequel but not wanting one.

      • Agreed mate. The beauty of the TLOU universe is that ND could create a new story, with a new character of any age or nationality, at a different time when the outbreak reaches them or there location. Would be cool if they created a game based in Japan or somewhere similar and it was subtitled. They would have to rely more on the characters’ expression or body language to get across the emotion.

    • I agree and also think (although they look dam great) between this and Uncharted I’d start to get a bit bored of the same kind of scenery/settings… e.g.; walking through greenery and abandoned ruins etc.

      It would be nice to see Naughty Dog delve into something like Bladerunner territory, something a bit more futuristic.

  2. I think a sequel would need a new set of characters, a new setting and probably a different time period (further into the future) to feel like a worthwhile title.

    A direct continuation wouldn’t work as well as with the far more episodic Uncharted.

    A prequel would be better if they’re sticking with Joel, as it could be interesting to play in the early years of the outbreak. But even then the events in The Last of Us is probably the most interesting and important in his life.

  3. One off please ND! TLoU is a perfect masterpiece as is. Would love to see my favorite studio tackle a space epic drama à la Mass Effect but with an obviously better story.

  4. I’d rather they leave it be and concentrate on something new & fresh. I would mind seeing a sci-fi type game set in space.

    If they were to make a sequel, It would be nice to base it about 50 years on with a slight sci-fi feel. Maybe an older Ellie could make a cameo appearance or some cities/small countries were left untouched from the virus with people living normal lives in gadget like bachelor pads cut off from all the virus ridden war-torn world. Who knows…

  5. Bit of a crazy comparison I know, but this is like Toy Story for me. I love Toy Story and can’t get enough, but I think the third one was the perfect ending to that story. I kinda do, and I kinda don’t, want a fourth one.

    The Last of Us should remain isolated, I think. If they do a second, will that mean a third? How many people are out there? Can you call them “the last” anymore if they just keep on coming?

    Naughty Dog have a flawless history in terms of new IPs. I think that’s the road they should be going down next. Just tie Drake up first with a nice ribbon and give Uncharted the send-off it deserves!

  6. I’d like them to revisit the Last of Us world but with completely different characters and a different setting.

    Maybe you find Ellie’s diary pages throughout the game that detail her and Joel’s journey after the events in the first game. You learn that Ellie has never forgiven Joel for lying to her face and she bears a grudge even worse than Russell Crowe in Gladiator. Tensions rise.

    Then one day, they stumble upon a grocery store with a single hostess twinkie on a shelf and Joel devours it without offering any to Ellie. Even though Ellie saw it first.

    So in a fit of rage, Ellie sticks Joel with a shiv but not before Joel cracks Ellie across the head with a brick and they both die.

    You could stumble across their bodies towards the end of the game and everyone will be really shocked.

    That’s how I envision it anyway.

  7. To be honest, i think Naughty Dog will be best off leaving The Last of Us alone but a mini-series set in the TLOU universe would be excellent or just a game set in in without being tied to TLOU in any major way. We’re only shown what happened to America so there is a lot of room for Naughty Dog to retcon certain things. However, i think ND will view it as a one time affair and use what they learnt from it for Uncharted along with all of their future projects. Plus, The Last of Us 2 would be a crap title.

  8. i disagree we fell in love with joel and ellie as well as the storyline. continue the joel and ellie story. no one says it has to be 5 years into their future it can be a year or 6 months. not to mention the story could be about her mom or the uncovering of joels lie. theirs enough material to continue their story without breaking the fans hearts.

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