WeView: FIFA 15

Another year, another FIFA game. This one, though, felt like the first proper version for the new generation of consoles; although 14 was a great technical showcase, that extra year of development and time with the new systems was sure to do wonders for the game.

With new AI moods and personalities, improved goalkeeping, and plenty of new animations, FIFA 15 takes the series one step closer towards the uncanny valley and the realism that they’re aiming for. Despite having some issues on PS4 at first, and turning some diehard fans away with the changes, it seems to have done its job for the most part.


“Long time FIFA fans might reasonably hope for a revolution in gameplay similar to the move from FIFA 08 to FIFA 09” started Peter’s review, going on to say that the biggest change “is the way momentum and strength come to bear during each on-pitch encounter”. Thankfully, even though this changes the defending and tackling quite a bit, it “never feels unfair” and in fact feels more realistic.

The goalkeepers are “not only animated with a wider range of movements and reactions, they’re also more difficult to beat” due to their advanced AI, making them smarter and less likely to be duped by cheeky tactics that would’ve worked in previous games. When you get into the box, “there are many more deflections, rebounds and scrappy goalmouth scrambles” according to Peter.

The improvements and changes feed back into the presentation, too: the team management is easier to explore, and you can be a lot more tactical with it. Ultimate Team too saw a raft of improvements, with concept squads and loan players. Overall, it makes for one of the best FIFA releases in at least a year.

Peter concluded, going on to score the game 9/10:

FIFA 15 is not quite the great leap forward that many would have hoped for but it’s a bigger jump than it initially appears to be. The changes, although infuriating to begin with as they make you re-learn elements of your game, ultimately make for a more realistic game of football.

Now we want to know what you think: did you love or loathe this latest instalment in an extremely popular series. Could you adapt and play with the new changes, or were you constantly off your game? Whatever the case, we want to hear from you.

Simply leave a comment below before Sunday afternoon and you’ll have a chance to be included in our WeView Verdict round-up next week. Stick to a paragraph or two rather than an article, and don’t forget your rating on the end: Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It.


  1. The only good thing I will say about fifa is pro clubs, it’s not perfect but it’s brilliant, it keeps me coming back.

    As an overall game, I see no improvement from
    14, all you do in fifa is find the fastest player & run with the ball, the defence is awful, tackling is awful, the goalkeeper is nothing but awful with mistakes, the passing system can go anyway to the player you want to anywhere.

    Basically if you want a quick lob the ball, sprint down the line, all the kits & leagues arcade game fifa is for you! If you want realistic & tactical game pro Evo!

    Bargain bin this

  2. I’d say Sale It. On a whole, it looks rushed to me.

    I think the movement of the ball is the biggest difference compared to FIFA 14, plus the players seem to run better for space or for through balls ‘occasionally’.

    Visual wise, it almost felt like a leap backwards to me. They seem to have added more animations for the players etc, but they all seemed to look a bit rushed and unfinished, like they should be a lot smoother or missing frames.

    They also completely cocked up the rain effects. When the pitch is wet your feet almost look like 2 speed boats creating ridiculous amounts of foam or giant white clouds… Seriously, it looks bloody awful.

    • Sorry, I’m gonna change my verdict to PLUS IT.

      After reading back the other comments (including my own) it seems you may as well stick with FIFA 14 if you’ve already got it. I’m pretty sure these were my thoughts when I first got ’15, might explain why I’ve hardly played it. I can’t really see the major upgrade that this was suppose to be over ’14.

  3. If you want a football simulator by PES, if you want a fun football game buy FIFA

    Buy it

  4. Fifa 15 is close to being a reskin of Fifa 14. It is a lazy effort from EA in which their solid foundations built with Fifa 09 are starting to wane. Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team remain to be among the best football modes out there. But for single minded players, Fifa is severely lacking.

    Its gameplay suffers from tinkering which threatens the fluency of matches such as the momentum mechanic. Graphically it also suffers and does not improve enough on 14.

    It is the 1st year since Fifa 09 that Pro Evo has become the better game. PES15 is a fantastic game which manages to better Fifa graphically, gameplay and through single player modes. Its Myclub Ultimate Team rip off is an interesting take on the idea but still requires some work.

    In light of this, don’t buy Fifa 15. Buy PES15 instead. A much less frustrating but albeit more satisfying Football experience. The only reason to buy this would be for its Ultimate Team mode but even that will wear thin with time. Avoid for me or if you really want it, buy it used and platinum it.

  5. If you want a collection of 2015 licenses wrapped around FIFA 14 with very little in the way of innovation or playabilty get FIFA.

    If you want a game of Football without the licenses that is fun and an excellent approximation of the game get PES 2015.

    It’s incredibly underwhelming and if you get the opportunity to play the latest PES after playing FIFA you will find it terribly difficult to go back to it. If you absolutely must have a licensed football game, sale it.

  6. I think there’s a bit of Pro Evo bias here, so lets bring in some balance:
    I don’t usually buy FIFA games, my brother does occasionally, but I’ve never really been into them hugly. Sure, they’re fun, but I’m not into football enough to buy them. However, I saw stuff about 15 on PS4, and coupled with the fact I was getting into football again as Southampton (my home town team) were doing so well, I decided I needed this. So, onto the review:
    I loved it. I loved the improved graphics, especially the crowds, and the physics, especially how players battle for the ball and can tug each other’s shirts etc – much more realistic. I also loved the inclusion of Premier League content as I can now play Saints matches at St Marys! No more generic stadiums for us :) Overall, I’d highly recommend you BUY IT.

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