Resident Evil HD Review Round-Up

Here we are with the first round-up of 2015, and it’s Capcom’s HD reworking of the original Resident Evil that critics get their teeth into. Originally released in 1996 for the Sony Playstation, Resident Evil has been credited with spawning the modern survival-horror genre, and despite some missteps along the way the series has remained at the forefront of fear-inducing gaming.

This HD remaster is based on the 2002 Gamecube reworking of the classic, which itself featured improved graphics, voice acting and different gameplay elements from the original.


It looks like the HD remaster has successfully brought the classic game to modern consoles, though it hasn’t come without a few minor concessions.

Digital Spy – 4/5

“The latest release doesn’t make the same visual impressions as its 12-year-old predecessor, but it is still gorgeous, with detailed environments that positively exude eeriness. Even though the port doesn’t add a lot, and the dodgy controls and camera angles are kind of frustrating, we’re glad that such an iconic release is available on contemporary consoles. If you can get past the clumsy controls, you’ll see why the Resident Evil series is held in such high esteem and how it kickstarted the survival horror genre.”

God Is A Geek – 9/10

“I think the best complement that could be paid to the new Resident Evil Remastered version is that fans of the series will be instantly comfortable with the game. It makes no major departures from the game it seeks to update, but those that it has made are executed very well. The game has never looked better – despite perhaps not being the perfect HD makeover in every imaginable way – and the new control system will break down one of the biggest obstacles that always stood in the way of those players who were uninitiated in the ways of the series. There is no longer any reasonable excuse why any gamer worth their salt should not play this landmark title.”

GamesRadar – 4/5

“Generally well polished and deeply atmospheric, this is Resident Evil amplified and with a brand new set of authentically imperfect controls, but let down a little by occasional low-quality backgrounds.”

Destructoid – 9.5/10

“Although I’d love the chance to play a remastered Resident Evil 2 for the first time with updated controls, I’m glad Capcom decided to revive the first entry again. Resident Evil is truly is a timeless classic that every generation should enjoy, and a perfect example of how to do survival horror without decking players out with a full armoury.”

Metro – 8/10

“the lesson Capcom must learn from the remake: it’s not about whether you can add features to a new game – especially fancy new graphics or control systems – but whether doing so improves the game or detracts from it. There are some hard calls to make in creating a new Resident Evil game, which we don’t envy anyone having to decide on. Of course this remaster sidesteps the issues because it’s based on an old game; but it’s the fact that it still works so well despite its old-fashioned design that makes charting the future of survival horror all the more difficult.”

Videogamer – 9/10

“There will be players that despise Resident Evil, of course, decrying its controls and save states. Granted, some of its puzzles can be more than a little obtuse. And its aforementioned graphical issues grate, if only in parts. For me, however, Resident Evil remains a game as odd, unsettling, and unforgettable as its setting. The HD remaster only emphasises this.”

Den Of Geek – 4.5/5

“For longtime fans of the series, Resident Evil Remastered absolutely warrants another run-through of the game that set the stage for the entire horror genre at large. For those who never got a chance to experience the first outings of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, there has never been a better time to do so. This is required gaming in every sense of the word.”

Gamespot – 7/10

“there’s a beautiful simplicity to Resident Evil HD that serves as a reminder that the best mysteries don’t need convoluted stories to be enthralling. Later Resident Evil games would add more viruses and unnecessary subplots, but the original allows that menacing mansion to do most of the talking.”



  1. After buying a couple of games this weekend its going to take some convincing the Mrs but…

  2. I’ll grab this, although I just hope it’s not stupidly priced.

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