October’s PlayStation Plus Includes Resident Evil And Transformers: Devastation

The next batch of games from Sony’s PlayStation Plus service have been announced with the first being the rather good Transformers: Devastation. It’s a bit short, but it’s a rather fine reproduction of the 1980’s cartoon with plenty of classic Platinum Games beat ’em action.


Joining it, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary, it’s the remastered and HD’ified version of the classic original Resident Evil game.

PlayStation 3 owners will get Mad Riders and god sim From Dust, whilst Vita gamers will pick up Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – I have no idea what that is but it sounds Japanese – and Actual Sunlight.

To recap, your free games which will be available to download October 4th are:

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. The PS4 games will do me nicely then.

    Both those PS3 games are decent enough.

    But the Vita games? Silly named one appears to be another “visual novel”, like the one we got this month. And Actual Sunlight looks like a big pile of wank.

    Not the best month, not the worst. But Sony are doing better than MS have been doing lately at least.

    • *waits for the metacritic argument*

      Oh wait, you’re arguing for Sony.

  2. Nice selection, curious to try that platinum autobots game. Not that bothered about resi games, never been into them

  3. Wasn’t the Resident Evil game free on plus before? – possibly the original PS1 classic though.
    Nowt for me this month but that’s probably just as well as i’m currently swapping between Dirt Rally, Uncharted 3, NMS and R&C and need to wrap up a few of those before Dishonored 2 arrives.

  4. Solid line-up. Maybe indication of turn-around. One can hope.

    • Same here. Two games I’ll definitely enjoy (on the PS4).

  5. Not familiar with the PS3 offerings but PS4 & Vita are great. The visual novel is a game I’ve just finished and loved every minutes of. Actual sunlight sounds pretty interesting too. Love how the Vita selection reflects its audience now… niche:-)

  6. Nice! I’ll have both of those PS4 games please.

  7. Yaaaas! Been so so close to picking up Devastation a number of times.

  8. now this is more like it.
    Transformers Devastation, a game i’ve really been wanting to play, and now i can.
    well, next week i can anyway.
    what was the last really good Transformers game?
    maybe those first two High Moon TF games.

    but this is classic G1, and i will always be a G1 girl at heart.

    and the Resi remake.
    if it’s the version i’m thinking of, i already have it on Gamecube and Wii, thought the Wii version will probably have shite controls.
    but a PS4 version will be nice to have, since it’s still a bloody good game.

    of the rest, From Dust is the highlight, i loved, and i mean LOVED, Populous back in the day, and this is Populous-ish.
    why has nobody ever ported Populous to mobile?
    but then ea own the rights don’t they?
    probably just as well they haven’t then, wouldn’t want them tot aint the memory of that game like they did Dungeon keeper.

    i’m not sure i’ve even heard of the other titles.

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