Ori & The Blind Forest Set For Release On March 11th

Moon Studios has announced that Ori & The Blind Forest will be releasing on March 11th for PC & Xbox One. The only price given at the moment is $19.99. The footage above is from a recent event in San Francisco which shows gameplay in the Forlorn Ruins, and shows the gravity mechanic in action which allows the character to run up walls and jump across platforms that are floating in the air. The new date came after Moon Studio delayed Ori & The Blind Forest a couple of months back.


I personally do like the look of it but will wait for the impressions before deciding on a purchase. If you do want to read at least one preview of the game then you can check out what Blair thought when he played it last year.

Source: Moon Studio


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  1. Hopefully this will be around a tenner on Steam, fingers crossed it gets good reviews too. It looks great but I’m worried it could turn out a bit ‘meh’.

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