Podcast: Episode 166 – Sunset Overdrive, WWE Immortals and inFamous: First Light

Lewis continues to be incapacitated so it’s just the three of us this week. Luckily, since it’s been a long break in our regular podcasting schedule, we’ve got plenty to talk about. I even played a game that wasn’t Elite: Dangerous, specifically so that I’d have subject material for the podcast and then Kris skipped past it and didn’t let me talk about it. An embarrassment of riches!

We started off discussing the news, which gave us an opportunity to think aloud about what Microsoft was doing with their Hololens project and the possibilities of Windows 10. Then we talked about the upcoming beta for an update that 343i are running on Halo: The Master Chief Collection and how silly – but also sensible – that is.

Kev and I had been playing games that seem to have a number of similarities – Sunset Overdrive and inFamous: First Light. We talked about how it feels to get around in those games and the appeal they might have, each being exclusive to a different platform. Kris and I also talked a bit about WWE Immortals, the mobile fighting game from NetherRealm.

Then we did a song-lyric-based quiz and took some interesting questions from our listeners before wrapping up.

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