Sony Trademark “Resistance”, What Could It Be?

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited has filed a trademark application for “Resistance”, specifically related to video games and electronic games services provided by means of the Internet.

The Resistance franchise was assumed dead after 2012’s Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita, could this trademark be for a rebooted PlayStation 4 game? The series has many fans and the Chimera have made appearances in PlayStation adverts so Sony are obviously keen on the games.


However, Insomniac have jumped ship and now create multi-platform titles so they are unlikely to return to the series, in fact Insomniac CEO Ted Price has stated that they”won’t be making any more Resistance games. That said, Creative director Marcus Smith has also said he “can definitely see” Insomniac handing off the PlayStation exclusive shooter series to another developer.

Alternatively, Resistance may be a new keep fit title for PS4 which uses resistance bands.

Who knows? We don’t, but it’s fun guessing, would you like a Resistance reboot?

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Please let it be,I love resistance, superior to killzone

  2. I’m betting on a HD remaster of the first game, my personal favourite of the series. Got it with my launch PS3 and replayed it several times but i didn’t enjoy the sequels so much.

    • I’ll go with that – Remaster of the first game complete with trophies & whatnot. Sound theory.

      That said though, if they are going that route, they may end up just tarting up the trilogy & release it as a single boxed collection.

      • That crossed my mind too – after i had clicked ‘post’ . :)
        Well, it’s all speculation atm but hopefully if they do that the games are still available individually.

  3. I thought the 3rd one was excellent. Much underrated and the best of the bunch. I’ve played all 3 btw. Was disappointed when insomniac said they were done with series as they were only getting better as they evolved.

  4. I loved The first Resistance online, mainly as i’d never been online before, but all the the rest are just so dull! I think i’d prefer a resistance band based game :)

  5. Until now I liked remasters, mostly because I did not play the originals.. in this case please let it be both, so remastered 1,2,3 and a shiny new 4 :-)

  6. Loved the first one, great setting, great art direction, great locations, great story, great lead. Massively addictive multiplayer (basic but rock solid)
    Hated the second as it took a huge steaming dump on everything that made the first one great … and turned what COULD have been one of the most interesting stories in gaming into another generic “Oh noooo ‘murica is being attakked, luckily we have a mouthy obnoxious oorah lead to save us” story we’ve seen a million times before (pretty much ignoring/redacting everything you did in the first game in the process), co-op was good fun though.
    The third one was great in theory however unfortunately the second game had soured the series for me so didn’t enjoy it as much as it deserved as I went into it with a cynical mindset.

  7. Loved the 1st resistance game, the narration between chapters was excellent, the game play I thought was good but sometimes a bit to restricted in the size of the missions, so yeah bring on another resistance game and make it based in the uk again coz that was proper awesome

  8. Well…l hope they make a new resistance game, because resistance 3 ending was not good so l think Sony entertainment Will make a remake.

    PS: l like the titel for resistance: the return of the chimera

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