The Witcher 3 Has “16 Hours Of Sex Scene Motion Capture Data”

The Guardian reports that the upcoming hack and slash RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, will include an awful lot of sexy time.

The development team behind forthcoming fantasy adventure title The Witcher: Wild Hunt seems unfazed by either moral or technical concerns. The game, due for release in May, contains 16 hours of sex scene motion capture data (used to animate the 3D mannequins into their various lifelike positions).

The Guardian also report that there is a “a Hugh Hefnerian amount of lovemaking” and within fifteen seconds of starting the game “the camera droops to linger on a woman’s fulsome posterior, moments after dismounting the protagonist, the white-haired monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia.”


Smut fiends will be disappointed that the sex is not gratuitous and is used to progress the story.

“People might think we’re putting sex into the opening scene for no good reason,” explained senior game designer Damien Monhier. “No, no, no. We are establishing that your character was intimate with this woman recently in order to plant in your mind that, at very least, he must enjoy her company.”

Speaking to The Average Gamer, Stan Just, Art Producer on The Witcher 3 confirmed that they spent two days mo-capping the sex scenes and added that during capture “some of them are naked, some of them are not.”

Source: The Guardian / Average Gamer



  1. There’s no better way to show that a character enjoys another’s company better than

    • … a sex scene. (Jeez, just go with it, stupid touchscreen)

      Motion captured as well, huh? That’s dedication.

  2. “We are establishing that your character was intimate with this woman recently in order to plant in your mind that, at very least, he must enjoy her company.”

    I think having the characters waking up in the same bed with no clothes on would have the same effect to be fair. No need to show them actually going at it.

    As long as there aren’t any ridiculous sex minigames like God of War… Cringe.

    • In response to your second paragraph, while I agree with your statement I don’t feel like they should have purposefully avoided spelling out the setting just to save a few blushes.
      The age rating reflects the content and I am rather disapointed TSA are even commenting on an article from The Guardian.

      That final quote in the article was completely irrelevant. To anything. Ever. Yet the information was pressed by the journalist so they could write how the witcher hires naked people. Naked people in games your kids are playing people!

      This has obviously only been ran to get people’s backs up, as are all newspaper articles pertaining to video games.

      13 hours of sex scences (of which we will likely see 30mins total of in one playthrough) says to me that the developers are putting a fantastic amount of detail and effort into their game. A game set in the woods, with lots of trees and some sex. I don’t see the Guardian praising them for making over 8000 unique tree models.

      • Did you read the Guardian article? It’s actually all for sex in games.

      • I’m not the least bit prudish or concerned about saving the children. Parents who let their kids play adult games are irresponsible imo, but that’s a whole other argument.

        I’m sure the media will try to spin this as being the work of satan or some other such rubbish. I just don’t get the purpose of having sex in videogames. Minigames or otherwise. It seems a little immature and unnecessary and enforces the stereotype of horny, pre-pubescent males getting off on virtual characters having sex because they can’t get any in the real world.

  3. What do you think about this trailer The witcher 3 ?

  4. This ridiculous, who cares how much sex is in the game, we are all grown ups here. I’d rather developers show any sex scene if they think it’s important to the story, (obviously depending on what rating they targeting), rather than beating around the bush.(No pun intended) ;)

    Please refrain from stating kids could be playing the game. Kids should not be playing this game and it’s the parents fault if they are.

  5. Busting all kindzzzz of nutzzz.

    All kindzzzz

  6. 16 hours, wow! I can re-live my whole lifetime in one game.

  7. Sex is a part of life. big part. so yeah…I am all in for putting it in video games :)

  8. Guardian journalist sounds like he’s never played a Witcher game before..

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