Dying Light Is 1080P On PlayStation 4 But Not Xbox One

Digital Foundry have been analysing Warner Bros. latest release, Dying Light, and found the Xbox One version “lagging behind in certain areas.”

They admit to be still working on the final calculations for the resolution of the game but are confident the PlayStation 4 version runs in full 1080p but the Xbox One version “is operating at a reduced 1536×1080 – or something very close to it.” They note that this around a 20% drop in the overall pixel count.

Digital Foundry also found screen tearing in the Xbox One version, which also suffers from a slightly lower frame rate in certain areas, whilst the PS4 version “suffers from a disappointing lack of anisotropic filtering.”

We will have our thoughts on the game as soon as possible, I had a quick play last night and rather enjoyed it, there are plenty of brown trouser moments trying to scramble up a wall to escape the zombies.

Source: Digital Foundry



  1. the PS4 version “suffers from a disappointing lack of anisotropic filtering.”… At first I thought that this might not be such a big deal but after looking through a few articles and guides on AF it would appear that this type of filter has quite an impact upon the quality of textures which stretch out in to the distance. Does anyone know how much of a negative effect this has on the PS4’s output for this game?

    • Few console games have even decent AF, it’s a real shame as it has a massive effect on the clarity and detail you get out of the textures. You could say it impacts the perceived resolution, and to a large extent.

      It has very little effect on performance, but it does require memory bandwidth. And although the PS4 has the famous GDDR5, it’s bandwidth is shared between CPU and GPU. This isn’t the case on PCs, so they can pull it off without a sweat.

      The reason the Xbox is doing it could be because of the lower resolution, or maybe it’s got something to do with having two pools of memory.

      It basically means that although the Xbox is rendering fewer pixels, it may have a more detailed picture.

      • The game looks great actually although i wish Techland would allow us to toggle their depth of field and movie grain effects off.That would be the only minor issue i have with it tech wise.
        Anyone who has played their older games will probably be surprised at just how polished it is.

  2. Dun dun dunnnnn.

    I appreciate these comparisons because I will always buy the game on whichever platform runs it better. Whether that’s PS4 or XB1.

    It’s quite funny that the tables have been turned this gen. You have ‘xbots’ saying it doesn’t matter and ‘ponies’ saying it does. When last gen, the same people on both sides were saying the complete opposite.

    I think it does matter to a certain extent. If I didn’t own either console it would factor into my decision, next to exclusive games and what most of my mates had.

    • Yep, it does matter, but it’s not the be all and end all and has to be taken into account on a game by game basis. What’s interesting in this case is that rather than going for 900p which scales along both axis of the image, – where I would personally say that a jump to 1080p would be quite noticeable – they’ve scaled it down horizontally. Though maybe not with dynamic scaling, this is taking a lesson from Wipeout HD and more recently COD:AW, where horizontal scaling is far less obvious visually.

      At this point, it’s never going to be surprising that the PS4 has the graphical lead overall, but how devs tackle the XBO version and try to get as close to parity as possible is still something that can throw a few surprises.

      • Horizontal scaling is also used in Halo 2 Anniversary (for its campaign). It looks cleaner and I hope to see more of it instead of 900p.

        Gran Turismo 5 and 6 did it aswell.

    • The difference is while Xbox 360 had mostly better mulitplatform games the PS3 always had the most graphically impressive exclusives, I’m not sure any 360 game looked better than Metal Gear Solid 4,let alone any Naughty Dog game.

      This gen the PS4 has better mulitplatform games AND exclusives.

  3. It’s hammering my PC hardware but I’ve found out what’s wrong. Anyone playing this on the PC needs to alter the View Distance slider down from full. The difference isn’t all that great but the impact on frame-rate is considerable to say the least.

    • How are you finding the game so far? Especially in comparison to Dead Island as I know you played that a lot.

      I want to pick up the physical version which obviously means I have a month to read/hear opinions but I’m still getting oddly impatient waiting for reviews to drop.

      • All right, fella. :-)

        Tef and I streamed the first part of the game a couple of days ago and plan to do some more tomorrow if I’m not mistaken.

        Thoughts so far:

        • Controls felt very unnatural on the DS4 controller (connected to my PC) but that’s more personal preference so I might have a bugger around with that. Might try keyboard and mouse.
        • Graphically it looked very impressive. Artistically, not so, but technically and environmentally… very nice indeed.
        • The running around felt solid and challenging (in a good way). Weapon play is not far off Dying Light where you need to time the shots well as they’re going for a real-world weightiness to them. This, I love. You can’t swing a 3kg axe at someone and have it connect in a fraction of a second.
        • Co-op feels very good but I want more of us in there. However, co-op with Tef was already very decent as we’ve played countless games on co-op.
        • Where we finished (in the first round of streaming) felt like I was just getting going so I’m looking forward to more. My own personal jury is out at the moment but I’ll have a better opinion on things come tomorrow.

      • I might write a guest article on H1Z1 (Early Access on the PC) for TSA. It’s been enthralling so far. :-) I’ll see if Tef/Blair/etc., fancy me doing that.

      • I aspire to being merely decently fun to play with. I’m touched that you think that of me, and I must admit that you are a similarly adequate co-op partner, Mike.


      • I was hoping for you to take offence. Good.


      • Thanks Mike, needed this fix of info. Still think I’ll be getting it, I find it hard to resist open world and throw in zombies (I don’t care they are being overdone) and you have me interested.

      • Would love to hear your views on H1Z1, as that’s definitely one I’m watching for. Will be waiting for the console version, but an early heads up would be good.

      • I’m finding it quite good, looks lovely and some proper pant wetting moments. The title makes sense mnow, you are always racing against the sun as when its dark.. eek!

    • Yeah, i watched the Totalbiscuit video on youtube about this game last night. He turned the View distance slider right down and the FPS count almost doubled. He also stated that the SLI profile is broken at the moment too.

      • Agreed, fells. It’s ragging my hardware at the moment and my machine is relatively powerful, etc. GTX 780, etc.

  4. If you have to put the game through a complex testing regime to tell you if there’s a difference then it can’t be noticeable can it?!

    • I think in the case of Digital Foundry, the “complex testing regime” is a case of “finding the screenshots that make the XBox look best”.

      Or failing that, finding the ones the make it look the least worse and claiming there’s no difference. Possibly assuming anyone looking at the article is blind.

      • Haha so true. They slated PS3 multiplats last gen but this gen, its not a big deal.

        I was half expecting to read “but the framerate is more stable on the XB1, which is more important”.

      • Talking about which … what’s happened to Lens of Truth lately. They were all over multiplat comparisons last gen.

      • Seriously yd? There’s been loads if articles this gen about PS4 games having highly resolution & looking better.

  5. What happened to them downgrading the PS4 version for “equality between consoles”. Glad they didn’t though.

    • Nevermind that was for evolve. Which I have little interest in anyway. Hurrah

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