New Bloodborne Video Gives More Details On Chalice Dungeons

A new video explaining Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeons has been posted by Sony, and it looks at the multiplayer options within the game. Bloodborne features both asynchronous and live multiplayer, with the first allowing players to leave each other messages. The second option will give players the chance to join each other and work together to take on the monsters of Yharnam.


If you’ve not heard of the Chalice Dungeons before these are areas of the game that are randomly generated, offering different challenges each time they are entered. Players will be able to work together to navigate these mazes, and to take on some of the more dangerous creatures that inhabit the vast underground network of Yharnam. Masaaki Yamagiwa, one of Bloodborne’s producers, explains that there is a Demon’s Souls feel to the game but it will be a much more challenging experience.

Bloodborne will be releasing on PS4 March 27th in the UK. North America gets it on the 24th, while the rest of Europe receives it on March 25th.

Source: Youtube



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