Kojima Wants An Open World Remake Of Metal Gear Solid

Hideo Kojima has expressed his interest in an open world, current gen remake of Metal Gear Solid.

Kojima was speaking at the Taipei Game Show and although he liked the idea, he said he did not have time to remake he game because he was busy with The Phantom Pain. He also said that no one else has – at the time of writing – offered to remake the game for him.


In other news, Mike Bithell has expressed a wish* to have a massive, massive pile cash which he can dive in to, just like Scrooge McDuck at the start of Duck Tales. However – at the time of writing – no one has given him huge piles of cash.

Also hitting the headlines is Ken Levine who has a desire* to live in an exact life size replica of the underwater city of Rapture just off the coast of Bristol. However – at the time of writing – no one has built the aquatic city, nor has plans to do it.

Finally, Nolan North has suggested* that he should be crowned King of the Universe. However – at the time of writing – no one has offered him the crown, or indeed any noble title.

Source: VG247

*This may not be true. At all.



  1. Nice satire and rightly so, that is just so much pie in the sky it’s like Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs.

  2. Make something else instead..

  3. Remaking MGS 1 as an open world game would be the biggest mistake Kojima would make. He would virtually have to rewrite the entire plot to justify why Snake is stealing tanks and running over soldiers or flying helicopters. Along with Shadow Moses being rather small. A MGS remake should happen because the original has not aged well but not as an open world game.

    Oh and bring back Hayter if he is going to do that otherwise it’ll be more wrong then Tuffcub writing for the Daily Star.

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