New Trailer For Dark Souls 2 Re-release Prepares You To Die Again

A new trailer was just released for the upcoming remaster of Dark Souls 2, showing off the new graphics and features.


It was initially teased when a picture of the real life fire pit featured in the trailer was released online. Unfortunately, this trailer doesn’t deliver any more cool live-action Dark Souls 2…erm, action. Instead, it shows off a few minutes of gameplay from the fancy new version of the game. Most notably, you can see the fact that you can now summon 3 friendly players to aid you in the game, instead of the usual limit of 2. On top of this, they show off some of the new bosses featured in the DLC packs that come with Scholar of The First Sin. Graphically, the footage still doesn’t compare to the initial E3 teasers we were shown way back with of the initial version of Dark Souls 2. Still, you can tell they put plenty of work into giving everything a shinier new look.

Scholar Of The First Sin will drop April 7th for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. On top of including all previously released DLC packs, there will be a number of new features and upgrades. Existing Dark Souls 2 owners will get these buku bonuses in a free update, but you’re still expected to pay up for those DLC packs.

Source: Gamespot


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