Check Out The New Persona 5 Trailer, Coming To PlayStation In 2015

The Persona series is incredibly popular with you lot so here is the latest Japanese trailer for Persona 5 which is coming to PlayStation 3 and 4 this year.


It looks stunning, although I have no idea what is going on. Producer and director Katsura Hashino has given us some idea of what expect, via the official website.

“For this game, we’re going with a challenge that fuses together a juvenile school setting that is as large as life, together with a picaresque romance,” he explained. “In the previous game, we wrote a story that involved having a justice group chase down a bad guy that could easily be feared by just about anyone.”

“This time, it’s about a group of high school students that are being “chased” by unexpected occurrences due to the justice they believe in. We’re writing [the story] to convey a thrilling everyday life in the shoes of these characters, that are as large as life, in this juvenile school setting.”

Source: YouTube / SiliconEra



  1. Amazing. That is all.

  2. Looks like the main cast are vigilantes. Hopefully the artstyle is perfectly presented (as in clean and crisp) on PS4.

    This was the last game I was looking forward to on the PS3, alongside The Last Guardian of course. But now that it’s on PS4, the older brother is a straight up backlog machine. Which should secure its position under the telly for years to come.

  3. At 1:58, does that guy look like a young Vincent from Catherine?

  4. Now that is a very impressive styling. It’s clean and crisp with the red, black and white colour palette.

    I’ve never played a Persona game before. Can anyone tell me what the gameplay style is like please?

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