Steampunk Stealth Game The Swindle And Book Brawler Paperbound Detailed For PS4

Two new indie games from people named Dan are coming to PS4 this year, and both of them look quite interesting. First up is Dan Marshall’s The Swindle, which is also coming to PS3 and Vita, and is described as a steampunk cybercrime game.


Essentially, in The Swindle, you’ll be tackling procedurally generated levels where you have to hack into systems and empty their bank accounts before heading back to your airship to use the money to buy plenty of steampunk gadgetry and gear. Marshall describes the game’s unique approach to stealth:

The game’s kind of my answer to all the stuff I find frustrating in stealth titles. There’s no following people from a distance, or listening in on guards’ conversations. Here, when things go awry, the alarm bells start ringing and the police are on their way, all that happens is that the game switches from sneaky-sneaky stealthy fun to an against-the-clock action race.

Next up is Paperbound, which looks somewhat like Towerfall in its execution. This one’s from Dan Holbert, and it’s all about brawling and running around walls in settings inspired by old books such as A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Dante’s Inferno, Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, and Skull Kingdom.

You’ll see plenty of characters from those books – as well as cameos by characters from other indie games – and it features game modes such as Capture The Quill. It’s looking really quite fun.

Source: PlayStation Blog 1/2