Terraria: Otherworld Revealed By Re-Logic & Engine Software

Re-Logic & Engine Software have announced Terraria: Otherworld, the next step for the series’ progression. The footage in the trailer is pre-alpha but gives a basic look at the kind of world players will find themselves in. The game itself is set in an alternate dimension to the original Terraria, and here the task is to restore the world to its rightful state.


This dimension has been conquered by an evil force, and players will have to find ways to beat it back, with gameplay focusing on both RPG tropes and the sandbox nature of the original Terraria. Platforms and a release date are yet to be confirmed by the developers.

Source: Terraria Otherworld site


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  1. I assume it will drop on PC first and then possibly get ported to consoles/handhelds later. Either way, good times. I like a bit of Terraria. Seems like this one with have a clearer over arching objective as well.

    Looks darker than the previous game (which makes sense given the story).

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