New Trailer Released For Terraria: Otherworld

Re-Logic Games have released new details about Terraria: Otherworld as well as a new trailer which shows off the new tower defence elements of the game.


Otherworld is set to feature more RPG and strategy elements than it’s predecessor. Speaking on the forums for the game, Re-Logic confirmed that there will be a core story but players will still have the freedom to explore rather than stick to a rigid quest line. They also promise more robust development of NPC’s, saying they will go beyond just being ‘merchants’ and evolve into characters who have their own story and lore.

Progression through the story revolves around the new tower defence elements, the player must find, craft and then activate Purifying Towers in order to push back the corruption which is plaguing the land. These towers will attract enemies so the player will need to build Wartowers to defend themselves. However, the developers are keen to stress that players are still free to explore, gather and build like they could in the previous game.

Re-Logic have stated that the title is only being developed for Mac and PC and they are hoping for a 2015 release. However, the developers say they are heavily considering launching the game on Xbox One and PS4 but this will likely happen after the release of the PC and Mac version.

Source: YouTube