Harmonix Hint At Rock Band Return With New DLC

“They are awesome songs with great titles” speaks the Harmonix community manager over on their forums, as two new songs – the second bit of DLC after a 21 month break – come to the Rock Band music store.

Those songs? Tenacious D and Weezer, but it’s the names of them, and the “great titles” comment which really make things interestingly. Let’s take a look:


• Tenacious D – “Rize Of The Fenix”
• Weezer – “Back To The Shack”

Well, would you look at that, those great titles hint at rising and returning respectively. These are available now for 99p on the Rock Band store for Xbox 360 and PS3.

It’s hard to say whether a Rock Band return could be successful – Rock Band 3 was the pinnacle of the plastic peripheral rhythm genre, and it’s hard to think how anything could better that. But if those instruments still work, then there’s no doubt I’ll be digging out my plastic guitars and drum kits and getting the band back together.

Source: Harmonix, via Eurogamer



  1. They should at the very least port RB3 to the newer consoles.

    If they can’t improve the core gameplay features, they can at least let us use our massive libraries and instruments on them. They’ll get more sales from new (and existing) DLC too.

    If they’re really looking for next-gen features- social integration. Sharing and the camera seem a natural fit for some.

  2. Fingers crossed! It would be great to see Rock Band return.

  3. I’m still looking forward to the Amplitude remake. Rhythm games are my 2nd fav type of game so will be hoping for a return

    • Yes! I keep almost forgetting about this … so it should be a nice surprise when it arrives ;)

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