Starwhal Launching On PS3 & PS4 From February 24th

Breakfall has announced the release date for local multiplayer title Starwhal for PS4 and PS3, a game in which players take control of narwhals and battle it out in various arenas. North America will be able to download the game to these consoles from February 24th, while Europe will have to wait a couple of extra weeks until March 4th. Pricing is set at $11.99 but a UK/Euro price has not been revealed. The game will be cross-buy.


Starwhal supports up to four player local multiplayer, and there are also 32 challenge courses for single players. On PS3 the game will run at 30fps and on PS4 that figure goes up to 60fps. There’s also 9000 costume combinations, so you can make your narwhal as colourful as you want. Another feature is that the dualshock 4’s light will turn the same colour as your narwhal.

Starwhal is already out on PC and is expected for Wii U too.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. I’ll hold off and see how the Wii U version pans out. I’ve got more controllers for it.

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