Sony To Concentrate On PlayStation, May Sell Off Mobile Phone And TV Lines

Former PlayStation boss now CEO of all of Sony, Kazuo Hirai, has said the company aims to boost operating profits 25-fold within three years by growing its profitable divisions, including camera sensors and PlayStation.

A few days ago Kaz said Sony would stop trying to grow its market share  in the mobile phone market. “The strategy starting from the next business year will be about generating profit and investing for growth,” he said in a briefing.


He was also asked if there was a possibility of selling off the mobile phone and TV branches of the company to which he replied that they would not “rule out considering an exit strategy”. Previously Sony have always stated the loss making businesses were not for sale.

It may seem obvious to get rid of the loss making arms but Sony have doggedly hung on to them for far longer than they should have. Many have suggested the management culture of Japan is to blame, how Kaz is cutting through the tradition and bureaucrats is unknown but I would suggest that having been boss of PlayStation and interacting with teams across the world may have helped.

He’s certainly doing a a great job, Sony’s shares have risen 80 percent over the past year and the company is now forecasting an operating profit of at least 500 billion yen ($4.2 billion) for 2017/18, a far cry from a few years ago when we they posting losses in excess of 160 billion yen.

And the reason why we are posting this rather dry business news? Sony want PlayStation to grow, that means chucking more money at it, and that means more games, more services and more fun for us. They might even throw a few quid at the PSN and make it more stable.

Source: Reuters



  1. I love my Sony Z1 compact, the only problem with it is the camera! Ironic really, but I’d be gutted if they stopped making phones, always stuck with Sony [When they were Sony Ericsson too]

    • just got rid of my moto g 2014 and picked up a z1 compact..
      z1 is a tiny powerhouse.pisses all over the overrated moto g all day!
      have to admit sony phones have always been a bit spesh!why pull out of the market?

    • I got my first Sony phone at the end of last year, an Xperia M2, and was so impressed when my Nexus tablet broke a few weeks ago I bought a Xperia Z3 compact, very impressed with that too.

      • I recently sold my iPhone 6 and bought a z3 as I was well impressed with my mates z1 and is specs and usability I found so much better than the iPhone.

        I really hope they continue at least the z range or sell xperia off to a company that treats it well.

  2. And to think they’ve just released a £950 mp3 player…

  3. So Sony would become an entertainment company only.

    • Broadcast, medical, optical imaging, TVs mobile, camera, other electronics, TV movies, music ..

      Far from it…

      • Yeah they do a lot of non-commericial electronics which are in profit, and make parts for other companies,.

  4. I really liked my Z1 but it just wasn’t compatible with Mac at all. If I didn’t have a Mac I’d definitely choose a Sony phone over a Samsung one.

  5. Hope they don’t get rid of their phones line up. They stick closely to stock android which I value, and I will be in the market for a new phone later this year.

    They should market the waterproofness more, maybe call ity ‘party-proof’ or ‘life-proof’ or something.

    • no where near stock android matey..full of unwanted plop..
      like my post above moto g was very vanilla but very overrated in my opinion.

      • Compared to other manufacturers (Samsung I’m looking at you accusingly), The Xperia UI is very close to stock android, arguably better (as of kitkat, haven’t tried lollipop yet)

        The Moto G is bound to be more vanilla as it was made when Motorola was owned by Google. And in defence of the moto G, it’s a mid range budget phone and is not in competition with the Xperia Z series so it’s no surprise it isn’t as good.

        I have an Xperia M (2013), bought for £170 (the price dropped to £150 soon after of course), but my mum’s moto E (2014, £80) compares very well to mine.

        There’s tons of value to be had in the low-mid range of Android phones currently, with specs of the £400 flagships of 2-3 years ago, and a closer gap to the flagships of today.

  6. I read the sensors they’re selling are for iPhones which is at least an upside to their own phones not selling enough.

    Its crazy the TV dept is struggling as Sony tv’s have always being quality products.

    • Quality TVs yes, but rather expensive. A lot of folk don’t appreciate the difference in picture quality (& sound) the high end TVs have, so just buy the cheapest available.

      • Good point, I think there’s also more manufacturers making cheap HD tv’s than there were 5 years ago.

  7. Perhaps the reason their phones aren’t doing so well is because they spend shedloads on RnD and marketing for six new phones every six months!

    I bought a Z1 at launch (it’s what I’m writing this on) and within less than a year there had been two successors and two or three compact versions in the same line.

    It’s the same problem they had with their TVs, an oversaturation.

    • I agree with this but I read somewhere that they’re changing to a yearly cycle with the z4 (provided they keep their phone range)

  8. My Z3 is the best phone I’ve ever had.

    My PS4 is the best Playstation I’ve ever had.

    My brother loves Sony Tvs but I’ve always bought Samsung.

    PlayStation is the main thing for me, so hearing Sony wants to focus on it is music to my ears :-)

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