Podcast: Episode 170 – FOTONICA, inFamous: First Light & The Order: 1886

This week’s guest is someone I’ve been trying to get onto the podcast for a very long time. It’s none other than TSA’s very own editor, Blair. We managed to get him on the podcast at a good time too, as he’s been playing The Order: 1886 for review and spent a good amount of time talking about the game and answering some listener questions on it. He’s also watched the film Frank, which sounds really interesting and is certainly worth checking out.

Kev also features on this episode, but as Lewis was feeling under the weather and couldn’t make the recording we’ve shelved Kev and Lewis’ discussion of Shadow of Mordor until Lewis is back. Fortunately, Kev’s been playing iOS title FOTONICA and told us all about that.

As for me, I’ve been playing inFamous: First Light on my new PS4. It’s a great game and a simply fantastic showcase for Sony’s new platform. I also talked about the new Reese Witherspoon movie Wild, a film I thought was generally brilliant throughout.

Blair’s voice was a bit rough this week, so we cut the quiz to try and keep things short. We did have time to answer your questions though, including a call in from Tuffcub.

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  1. if you like the alternate history stuff, you should give the book The Difference Engine a read.
    it’s by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.
    it’s pretty much the definitive steampunk novel.

    it’s set in Victorian times where Charles Babbage built his mechanical computer and then all these new technologies came about as a result.

    i can’t remember what the plot was about, must have been at least 20 years since i read it last, but it painted a fantastic picture of what the world would have been like had the computer revolution started a century early.

    i think the ideal length for a game is.
    shorter than the it would take to get boring, but long enough to not leave you feeling cheated. ^_^

  2. The idea of Guitar Hero and Project Morpheus is like the best thing I have heard so far :O It would so refresh the series. But please let it be a GUITAR Hero not EVERYTHING Hero.

    I will pick up The Order 1886 when the price drops a bit. A full game price for it is a bit too much for me, mainly because there is not much replayability in it and because a full game price in Poland is a serious amount of money (for us at PL).

    What is so special avout FAXing someone the details? :P

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