WeView: Assassin’s Creed Unity

Given that Unity won a full 50% of the vote, it seems that the community really wants to talk about the latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed series. I’m a little behind on the time-bending saga myself, I’m still slowly making my way through Connor’s tale in Assassin’s Creed III, but what I’ve heard of Unity has been split to say the least. It should be interesting to see where the community’s opinion lies.

Before I get to asking for your views of the game though, it’s time to look at what we thought of it in our review. It was Gareth who cast his eye over Unity back in November, and he kicked things off by talking about how impressive the game’s assassinations are. He praised the way they’ve been made more expansive, featuring “huge environments with many options for gaining access” and the variety of approaches you can take to the assassination itself.

He also praised the overhaul of the combat system, saying that the removal of instant counter kills “makes combat genuinely difficult”, although “you will likely die pretty often while you are getting used to it.” However, other changes to the combat, such as the removal of human shields, throwing guards and a lower number of kill animations, were less welcome.

Gareth bemoaned the removal of elements from the stealth system too, notably the fact you can no longer whistle to attract a guard’s attention. Taken as a whole, however, it seems the stealth system is a significant upgrade on the game’s predecessors, with improvements to eagle vision and the addition of an option to lower your profile drawing praise.

The sheer scale of Paris also impressed him, particularly the way the city’s landmarks were recreated in game, saying that “Looking down from the top of Notre Dame at a crowd of a hundred people is breathtaking.” In fact the size of the crowds in the game generally drew praise, although Gareth did note that there are frame rate problems, particularly around larger crowds. Hopefully you’ll let us know whether or not Ubisoft’s post-release patches have done anything to address these frame rate drops.

Even with elements of previous games being stripped out, and the aforementioned frame rate issues, Gareth was suitably impressed to rate the game at 7/10, having this to say in conclusion:

Unity is an impressive technical achievement despite its issues, and it is certainly a significant step forward for the series as a whole. The difficulty of combat encourages use of the overhauled stealth system, perhaps signalling a shift towards a real focus on stealthy gameplay in the series, which is certainly exciting. And on top of that, it’s utterly gorgeous almost all the time.

As is our way with WeView, it’s time to ask you what you thought of the game. If you feel like sharing your thoughts, whether they be positive, negative or anywhere in between, then all you need to do is jot them down in a comment below. Remember to include a rating for the game on the Buy It, Sale It, Plus It, Avoid It scale so we can round up the community’s verdict in Monday’s recap article, where we’ll also highlight a few of your comments.



  1. Played it for about 30 minutes, seemed to be the same as every other bloody AC game, stopped playing, never played it again. Avoid it.

    • Thank god – I thought that I was the only one that felt that the AC model had become bland & stale!

      They were mostly fine before they went to a yearly rehash model. Mostly.

  2. It was a victim of Internet uproar, but seems like most people have given in and tried it now anyway. Personally, I never really had any issues with glitches or frame rate drops, and I had it from release. In fact I had more noticable issues with Far Cry 4, but that seemed to escape an Internet bashing.

    As for the game itself, it’s a proper AC game. I felt that while I really enjoyed Black Flag, it could have been it’s own franchise. Unity felt like the AC I know and love. The city of Paris is huge and the level of detail is the first real glimpse of what I expected from this generation of consoles. The sheer scale and number of things to complete is insane. I also think it’s worth noting that this game has some of the best side missions in any game. The riddles are genuinely tricky and the murder mysteries are great.

    All in all, it’s just another AC game, so if you are bored of the series, then it’s not for you. If you are a fan though, don’t be put off by all the Internet rumour, and get involved. At £25 in supermarkets, it’s easily a ‘buy it’!

  3. Buy it when it’s cheap probably around £25
    It started off very buggy with poor Co op connection and had so many patches for two months. The story itself is okay not really wow factor felt a bit samey but the main missions was good fun, very different as there are multiple ways to assassinate the target, the scenery is fantastic and if you like history games then knock yourself out. When the Co op was finally sorted it is actually great with friends and it is sort of a side story missions and it was fantastic to try perform a silent sync kill either being close or from a different building.
    Only thing I was disappointed was that Ubisoft removed some actions that was always in there such as using a dart while in hiding (hay), no blending small party, no quick weapon change from sword to staff etc…. don’t know why they were removed!
    The side missions were kinda a drag and it was far too many, it became very repetitive and the collectibles was just far too much!
    The best part for me about this game is that Assassin’s Creed Rogue ties with this game which was awesome really, but that will be in WeView in another time :)

  4. Haven’t played the game but I’m impressed with your title Kris.

    • It was perfect opportunity for him to
      Play with it eagle view: AC Unity

  5. Probably not very helpful but I’m somewhere in-between Sale It & Plus It with this.

    The reason I’m confused with my verdict is I actually stuck with the game ’til the end but it did bore the pants off me to the extent I had lost or had no interest in the storyline whatsoever. I was more concerned about building my characters appearance and armour up.

    This seems a problem to me at the moment with open world games. There’s so many side missions etc to do I get side-tracked from the main story itself, and to make things worse the side missions bored me to tears too. I must’ve chased and rugby tacked a thief or saved someone from a thug about 200 times. Actually… PLUS IT.
    Saying that, this wasn’t a problem for me in GTA V.

    Visually, Paris itself looked great, unfortunately I can’t say the same about the characters.
    It seems that ‘mission’ characters you have to talk to (not in the cutscenes) had no real interaction with your character at all. They would just sit or stand staring in one direction no matter where you are, then continue to sip drinks whilst talking to you about the mission at the same time. Basically, a majority of the character animations seemed to have no integration with the character audio which I thought was really poor for this gen.

  6. Move on, I thought after black flags AC had returned to form once again but unity proved us wrong. I don’t know which one is worse AC3 or unity but both win on glitch kings.

    The co op was a refreshing welcome.

    Avoid this train wreck, AC died ages ago

    • AC3 is by far the worst AC game.

  7. The best AC game since the AC2 trilogy. None of this “let’s slap the AC name on this pirate game we’ve got” nonsense.

    It looks gorgeous and the number of people wandering about is very impressive and makes the city feel alive. The actual gameplay is more of the same with lots of little improvements. Combat just feels more dangerous. Annoying stealth tailing someone missions are pretty much gone. And nothing like that terrible harbour chase mission (was that AC3?) where you fail 38 times because you don’t know what’s coming next and there’s no way to predict what’s going to pop up and make you fail until after you’ve failed. And more freedom to do things however you want is good, even if it does try and show off at the start of the assassination missions by telling you exactly how many entrances there are and what opportunities there are to cause distractions.

    No sign of any disastrous bugs since before christmas either. And co-op is surprisingly good fun.

    It could have done with more present day sections though. Some minor interactions with another character who’s outside the Animus and 3 trips to a different time period isn’t enough. I want more stupid plot trying to give a reason for running around in history. (Mind you, those 3 sections are a lot of fun. I guess it was too tempting for them to do a game in Paris and not let you climb certain structures?)

    So buy it. It’s cheap enough now anyway. And you get the DLC for free as well.

  8. Don’t know if this breaks the rules as I actually haven’t played it (so you can feel free to entirely disregard this comment come totting up), but I was a solid Avoid it before this was even released.

    The series has become so stale in my opinion due to the yearly release schedule (or milking of the franchise if you prefer!), which is a shame as it really was one of the most innovative stealth/action games back around the time of AC2. In fact, for me it has been a constant & steady decline since that game – They have added various mechanics into the formula over the years, but all that has done for me is ensure that I have to learn something else that I will likely never use during the game, until the game requires that I use it & I get all confused as I forgot about it until that point.

    Other than that, they are all basically the same games year after year, just like CoD & FIFA & I have officially had enough of yearly rehashes.

    Might buy it if it was a couple of quid, but then again I would probably have a better time if I just bought some sweeties with those funds. Better value for money.

    • I highly recommend Haribo Starmix (just throw away the marshmallow ones) or Haribo Smurfs.

      The whole series is wearing thin now. I quite like the look of the next instalment being in Victorian london, but if they want to keep the same gameplay without it getting stale I think they need to set the game in the future (sic-fi with hovery spaceship type things) or maybe pull it right back to Egyptian times and try and maybe try and integrate some wide open desert type areas instead of tight corridors or rooftops to leap across.

      • Big open areas instead of narrow streets and rooftops was exactly why 3 and 4 didn’t really work as well. And why Unity was a vast improvement on those previous 2 games.

        I could go for a future setting though. But only if they did something silly with the previous games present day sections. Maybe reveal that all those present day bits were actually someone in a future Animus. And the historical bits of all the previous games were actually a simulation inside a simulation. (I’m one of those people that like all that modern day stuff as well as the historical bits. Weird, I know)

      • I couldn’t stand 3. You may have a point with the open area’s but I think or was more to do with the actually scene settings, maybe something to do with the way they actually created the visuals for those scenes. They just didn’t seem pleasant to the eye. I had no interest in any of the surroundings and just wanted to leave.

    • You say it’s stale, but then say you don’t embrace the new features? It’s pretty much impossible to enjoy AC2 and not Unity. In fact for someone who’d never played either, they would clearly pick Unity as the better game.

      • Throwaway stuff (pun intended) like bombs & stuff just really weren’t necessary & then later on, the gameplay changed so it kind of forced you to use that stuff. Just because it was there. Other than that, it was the same game.

        It’s little things like this that they class as ‘innovation’ that just isn’t. It’s not about embracing change, its about the fact that other than a completely unnecessary multiplayer aspect & the odd weapon or gimmick, there has been pretty much no change at all.

        I have been ground down by these small changes until the point where I am now. Where I won’t bother with an AC game at all. The decision to release yearly was one of the worst that they could have made for me.

        Just as an aside though, how can someone who has played neither pick any one as the better game?? ;)

  9. Unity is ambitious. It tries to be the new AC2, but ultimately doesn’t pull it off. Why? It’s too ambitious.

    Not content with improving the freerunning, graphics and (possibly, I haven’t used it much) multiplayer. Unity tries to be the most content-rich game in the series as well. It fills the well-crafted Paris with far too much useless rubbish, it’s a collectathon with a map that’s obscured by icons and waypoints.

    Performance feels reminiscent of an early Ps3 game and leaves some to be wanted (I played the Xbone version a month and a half or so after launch) but personally I don’t think it’s anywhere as buggy as Ac3. At least not anymore. But I think it could shed itself with at least a quarter of the NPC count without impacting the experience. The performance boost would be worth it.

    Arno, the new protagonist, is straight up a new Ezio. But in his pursuit to be the same, ends up missing out on a personality and appeal of his own. Funny enough, the most interesting character is his love-interest. A fully animated female.

    Once again Ubisoft tries to ruin a game of their own with dreadful Uplay integration all over, frequently breaking your immersion. Thankfully, the chests that can only be opened through a mobile app have been unlocked in the latest patch. But eff those things.

    I don’t like how in-world stores have been replaced with an animus menu either. Another thing that breaks the world they’ve built.

    If you can get it for a similar price to what I payed, around £20, then it’s probably worth it. It’s a game that could have been one of the very best in the series, but is held back by poor decisions. Sale It.

  10. I found that I was too busy with things when the game launched, so didn’t get around to playing it until towards the Christmas break… so many of the initial issues were patched and ironed out.

    I don’t feel that I’ve really got into too much of the story, but it certainly feels like the biggest most complex engine yet, and a more complete experience (harking back to the AC2 trilogy).

    My biggest gripe, and the thing that’s probably putting me off progressing that often is that the companion app (iPad) is broken.
    The companion app was on of the most impressive aspects of Black Flag, allowing me to turn off the map and other prompts on screen and for my partner to choose which missions or chests she wanted me to go for next.
    The app did work at first, but then they updated it (addressing other issues), and it’s been broken since.

    I’d say Sale It, but don’t bother wasting the space on your tablet with the app, pretend it doesn’t exist.

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