Fast & Furious Invades Forza Horizon This March

Microsoft has announced a new tie-in game to the Fast and Furious movies, and it comes in the form of a free standalone expansion to Forza Horizon 2.


The trailer shows a few seconds of gameplay, which will feature some notable cars from the film including plenty of Dodge Chargers, before cutting to a title screen showing “Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious”. The expansion launches March 27th, and doesn’t require the base game to play. It’s also going to be available for free, but only until April 10th.

We’ll see what else this new Fast and Furious game has in store for us when it launches next month.


[Source: Shopto]



  1. I watched the trailer for the new film the other day. Since when did F&F get miniguns, explosve devices, etc… I’ve only seen the first 2/3, but I thought it was about cars + racing.

    • The past couple/few have been more about them being a gang of thieves for hire (a bit like a crappy A-Team) & have gone a lot more action flick orientated.

      They have still been half decent popcorn movies & I still enjoy them, but there is now little to no racing that goes on in them.

  2. I love Horizon 2 and have been looking forward to another expansion… But not like this! Such a stupid tie-in to a great game.

    I’ll probably pick it up for free if there’s new cars or roads, but I hope this won’t happen again.

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