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All Future Forza Games Will Release On Both Xbox And Windows 10

Extolling the virtues of the Universal Windows Platform, such as being able to write code once and have it be applicable and easily tailored to both Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One, Turn 10 also revealed that Forza 6: Apex would be just the first time that Forza appears on PC.

In fact, Creative Director Dan Greenawalt’s voice over said that “Moving forward, all of our games are going to be shipping on Windows 10 and Xbox.”

Elsewhere, Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference saw them announce that all Xbox One consoles will soon be able to enter an Xbox Dev Mode, as well as a number of positive changes to the Universal Windows Platform for gamers. The Hololens augemented reality headset is also now shipping.

Source: Microsoft


  1. Forza isn’t UWP, yet again, Microsoft playing games. UWP isnt anywhere near capable of proper games, it’s a noddy app format, nothing more.

    This is hiding the real news, that Microsoft need PC sales to prop up the ailing Xbox one.

    Did Dan greenawalt actually SAY forza is a UWP app, or has someone added 2 and 2 and made 46???

    Go look at the dreadful state of windows 10 UWP apps to see how ckearly lacking UWP is, and how proper games couldn’t be developed for it.

    • Gears of War Ultimate Edition
      Rise of The Tomb Raider
      Killer Instinct
      Quantum Break

      • Not sure what your point is. Those are win32 games, NM it UWP. It’s clear Microsoft have succeeded in creating just enough confusion to convince non technical people that they have this magical write once, run anywhere platform. It’s simply untrue, they don’t. They have win32, which is what proper applications and games use, and that only runs on PC, and UWP, which runs on most windows 10 devices, but isn’t fit for anything other that writing calculator apps, or at best a simple chess game.

        Most platforms already have a cross platform, one click deploy alternative to UWP, its called JavaScript, and its about the same level of capability.

      • Rise of the tomb raider isn’t UWP, and gears of war is a terrible port on Windows.. Can’t comment n the others, but as long as they are tied to the windows store I won’t be buying them..

      • They’re all UWP if bought on the W10 store, and so far they’ve been bad ports.

        But they’re still proper games, released as UWP. That’s my point.

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