Twin Stick Shooter AIPD Revealed For PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC

Another new development team, another new game, and this time we have AIPD (short for Artificial Intelligence Police Department) from Blazing Badger (short for “Oh lordy lordy, my indigenous black and white mammal appears to be on fire”).

The game is a  top-down co-op twin-stick shooter with a visual identity that is an homage to the 80s’ neon art styles, including Tron and Minestorm on the Vectrex console system.


The game’s USP is that you can design your own game modes out of 100,000 potential combinations. There are online leaderboards and local co-op options, and you can customise you ship.

The game is set for a release on Steam, Xbox One and PS4 in May 2015,

Source: Press release



  1. Certainly looks old school but kind of works with the bright neon and explosion effects.
    Slightly off topic but you can tell a hell of a difference with the 1080p 60fps youtube video – splendidly smooth.

    Love the badger comment :)

  2. The pseudo circuit board art style looks cool.

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