Life Is Strange Episode 2 Has Been Delayed

A Square Enix representative has confirmed that the second episode of Life is Strange will not be released on March 13th as had been expected.

There is no official word yet from the company as to why there has been a delay, and no further news on the new release date.


For those who are unfamiliar with Life is Strange, the game is a third person point and click adventure. You play as Max, a photography student who has the ability to rewind time and change the past and, by consequence, the future. Our very own Dominic gave the first episode an 8/10 stating that Dontnod have the beginnings of a worthy and memorable entry in the adventure game genre.”

As soon as we have more information and a new release date we will let you know.

Source: Destructoid

UPDATE: Dontnod have taken to twitter and suggest that “development is on track” and that it’ll still be out before the end of March.



  1. I was so tempted to get this, after giving the demo a go (helped by the fact that I really enjoyed their previous game too, even if it’s totally different).

    But now it’s running into the Telltale problem. Episodic games need to stick to a regular release schedule. Chucking episodes out at random, with weird delays because reasons just isn’t good enough.

    I think this has just saved me money and convinced me never to buy such things until after all the episodes are released. And the season pass is probably on sale. (I’m still waiting to play Tales from the Borderlands as well, for pretty much those exact reasons)

    • It’s definitely worth playing but I agree that episodic games really do need to adopt a strict schedule.

  2. I was talking about these problems with episodic gaming the other day. The gap between episodes is way too long and these delays are sadly way too common. If episodic gaming is going to work properly they need to have pretty much the whole season ready to release before they actually release episode 1. It’s exactly this reason why I won’t buy episodic games in this format, I will wait until the entire season is available first. Shame, because life is strange really interests me.

    • This is very true, if TV shows worked liked this then people would lose interest very quickly. The episodic format for games does work but it just needs better implementation.

  3. This is part of the reason why I wait till the whole series is out on episodic games. Plus they usually get discounted quickly.

  4. I enjoyed the demo and intend picking up the full game, i just don’t do episodic gaming. Hopefully the first episode did well enough sales-wise that they can proceed with the rest of it.

  5. This is why I’m not a huge fan of episodic games. Hopefully RE Revelations 2 sticks to its “one episode a week” claims. Would be surprised if it doesn’t as I get the impression the game is finished and they are just drip feeding us the content ahead of the disk version next month

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