3D Realms Releases First Gameplay Trailer For Bombshell

3D Realms & Interceptor have released the first gameplay trailer for Bombshell, an isometric shooter that is expected on PC & consoles. Which consoles that will turn out to be is yet to be confirmed by the developers, but it is set to release later this year. When the game was first confirmed last year a PS4 release was hinted at.


The game itself follows Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison who is sent on a mission to rescue the President from an alien threat. This journey will take her across four planets including Kyrron, which is being absorbed by its sun, and Zeroth which harbours a technologically advanced civilisation. Shelly has a robotic arm which can be customised with ten different weapons to use, depending on the situation at hand.

Source: Youtube



  1. could be good.
    or it could suck.
    or it could be kinda average.

    i think i’ve covered all bases there. ^_^

    • Don’t forget fun but littered with game-breaking bugs!

  2. And the award for longest hovering over the game title at the end goes to this trailer!

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