Former Prey Developer Announces New Survival Horror, Lost Within

Human Head, the studio behind Prey and the recently cancelled Prey 2, has announced a new survival horror game for smartphones and tablets via a new trailer.


Lost Within is set inside a haunted asylum and will task the player with confronting a famous serial killer who has been trapped inside. The game will focus on stealth, scavenging and weapon crafting in order to survive the scary confines of Weatherby Asylum.

The game is being published by Amazon Game Studios for launch on their Fire devices, Lost Within will also release on iOS devices. There is no release date other than a vague “spring/summer 2015” release window.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Survival horror.

    Abandobed asylum.


  2. I’m wondering how scary a game can be on a phone screen.

  3. It looks creepy but how much you’ll be able to do on a phone screen remains to be seen I guess.

  4. Oh! Hello Outlast’s toddler brother!

  5. ooooo booga-booga-booga!


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