There’s Now An Official Stand For Your PlayStation VR

Numskull are probably better known for their Christmas jumpers, but now they’re the producers of the official stand for the PlayStation VR.


It’s a pretty nice looking product, with an adjustable height, a nice, sturdy looking base and a matte finish that’ll match your other PlayStation kit. It’ll set you back £29.99, if the retailer is sticking to the RRP, but it’s £24.99 from Argos (oddly labelled as Rubber Road VR Headset Stand, but the images feature Numskull’s logo).

However, what you really need to ask yourself is… wouldn’t you rather put your PSVR on a more realistic human head?

Source: press release

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  1. I keep mine in the original box when not playing. Not sure if it’s just me but I thought the PSVR box was the best box of all the boxes i’ve ever boxed things in to.

    • Same here. I sometimes use Life Size Kratos Bust to rest the VR but worried about paint scratches on Kratos so it’s in the box in the cabinet right underneath the PS4 games and move controllers ^^
      (Currently wearing it for the RE7 on my 4th playthrough lol)

      • How have you manged it 4th time round in vr… I’m not sure if I’m ill, but I can barely do 15mins without wanting to be sick

    • Yup, I’m 99% sure that Sony designed the box specifically with that in mind.

      • Makes sense in case of knocking it off by accident or a scratch in the lenses when not carefully removed and/or dust.

        Wouldn’t mind a glass cabinet with the head on a red velvet pillow with clown mannequin from Until Dawn: Rush of Blood ^^

  2. I’ve got this on order – charges all the gizmos as well

    • Oh now that I like. Might have to get that actually. With one USB port taken up by the PSVR, trying to make sure 2 controllers, 2 move controllers and my Turtle Beach headphones, it just isn’t enough.

      Nice find Tuff.

    • I thought about getting that stand but I’m quite happy using the TH8A Shifter (micro-cloth covered) that’s on my racing rig. It’s a bit more expensive than a proper stand but it’s right at hand.

  3. I keep mine in the box whenever I’m not using it- a stand won’t prevent dust from building up on it.

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