Ori And The Blind Forest Reminds Us Of Its Impending Release With New Trailer

We’re just a few days away from the release of Ori and Blind Forest, which means it’s about time for a spiffy  launch trailer to celebrate the occasion.

Microsoft have really been pushing this game since early last year as a real powerhouse for the Xbox One, but maybe not quite in the way we’d expect. Although not technically an indie since Microsoft acquired the rights to it and is listed as the publisher, it’s a smaller game that definitely falls well outside the boundaries of the larger games that usually soak up most of Microsoft’s marketing time.


The trailer shows a few new environments that I’ve personally yet to lay eyes on, and it’s at least visually appealing, even though we’re not entirely certain how the two characters will interact with each other in execution.

Ori and the Blind Forest launches this week on Xbox One, and on a date that’s yet to be announced for Xbox 360.

Source: YouTube



  1. That’s one gorgeous looking platformer exclusive.

  2. Stunning looking and thankfully coming to PC too. :-)

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