Grand Theft Auto V Online Servers Go Down In The Wake Of Heists Launch

Now that everyone’s getting home from work and settling down for some GTA Online Heist action – including us – the servers have gone down, meaning that many players cannot connect to the online portion of the game.

A message reads that the Rockstar game services are unavailable, and this is across both PlayStation and Xbox platforms rather than being version-specific. These appear to be the same issues that effected GTA Online when it first launched.



Hopefully the servers come back up soon, so we can start our stream of the online heists at 7.30PM, as expected. We’ll of course keep you updated.

UPDATE: Although the servers are still shaky, they seem to be more stable now and you should be able to gain access by repeatedly trying.



  1. What the the flock? Simply take the number of servers that crashed when you first launched online and DOUBLE them. This will allow for new players and the extra traffic. Don’t worry about cost as you’ll make it back from credit sales. Or use the normal R* method and ignore your fanbase and screw it all up.

  2. Up and down like a whore’s drawers. Frustrating to say the least.

  3. A big new feature for GTA Online and the servers went down. Didn’t expect that…not at all.

    • Caught someone off guard. Sadly, that someone was ******* ROCKSTAR! :-\ :-(

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