This War Of Mine Supports Charity With New DLC

New DLC has been released for survival strategy This War of Mine which will see developer 11 bit giving the proceeds to the charity, War Child.

The new content will add unique street art to the game which will be themed around the subject of conflict. Developer 11 bit commissioned international artists M-City, Gabriel “Specter” Reese, SeaCreative, Emir Cerimovic, Fauxreel and Mateusz Walus to contribute their work to the project.


This War of Mine is a fictional story which has been inspired by the 92-96 Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War, the focus of the game is keeping civilians safe.

The DLC is available to download now through Steam and is available via one of three pricing tiers, each of the tiers features the same amount of content. You can choose to pay 79p, £6.99 or £14.99 for the content with 100% of the proceeds going to War Child, an organisation which helps ease the suffering of children who have been the victims of conflict around the world.

Source: Eurogamer