Watch The Bloodborne Interactive Trailer To Get A PS4 Theme

An interactive trailer has been released for Bloodborne, allowing people to check out the different weapons as well as glimpses of the online co-op. Each segment isn’t that long, but they do give a sense of what to expect should you decide to play the game. The weapons that were used did look pretty powerful, managing to take large chunks of health from bosses. Then again the footage could have been from the easy difficulty.

If you do watch the trailer you will receive a code at the end to redeem a theme for PS4, which is called Nightmare. Once you’ve done that you’ll need to go to Themes in the Settings menu. It may not show up straight away, so just give it a little time. The image itself is of the box art, where the main character has his back towards you while holding two weapons, and with the main colour being a light grey. There’s no custom music for it though, unlike The Order 1886’s Airship theme.

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  1. Thanks got me a new theme hehe

  2. Will give it a view, cheers.

  3. Got to be worth a look.

    or type that in redeem codes

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